Sunday, December 16, 2012

What I Wore Sunday--Rejoice! (Vol. 7)

I cannot tell you how excited I am to again be joining everyone at Fine Line and Purple for another "What I Wore Sunday".

I can't lie I purposely wore pink today to be liturgically correct and I find it funny that a few people noticed, including my pastor.

This Sunday I was back at my home parish. There was some extra-ordinary blessings-you know besides God becoming flesh and blood before our very eyes.

When I am home I spend alot of time with a dear friend of mine who is an amazing mother to three children age newborn to four. At various times during Mass I was holding either the the two year old or the newborn. There is something special about holding a little one without the stain of sin during Mass. What a joy, although my tune will most likely change when I am a mother myself, to hold a saint in your arms during the greatest prayer we can offer on earth.

Secondly, our pastor today gave a homily about the Newtown, CT school shootings. As he often does, he had one of those "catches you and makes you remember it" phrases. He said,

"We rejoice knowing that God has not abandoned us even though many have abandoned Him."

God is always with us and he is with all those affected by the shooting. These shooting hit me hard, not only because my town only last February also had a school shooting tragedy but also because I have been to Newtown-twice. I have about five household sisters who live in Newtown and I have been to two of their weddings at the parish in Newtown, St. Rose of Lima. The town is so quaint and lovely and the parish is incredibly welcoming. My prayers are with my sisters and their families, with the town, and with all those families who had a hole tragically put in their family. I know how hard it is to process a tragedy occurring in your own town but also I can't absorb how many where killed, a children. Even though a life, is a life, is a life, the number 26 27 is really big. (Whether the victim or the shooter, still a life.)

So after that I now I feel incredibly self-conscious showing you what I wore today but I do suppose that is what you came over for.

Right after Mass we went to get our Christmas tree, hence why the picture is taken in a tree barn. Just wait till you see the tree we got, you will have to stop back to see it in all its glory.

This is not the tree we got, too typically compared to our tree.

Skirt: Target (similar to this one but not exactly, the one I have on has a fold over waist)
Top: Old Navy, a new favorite! I actually became obsessed with it when I saw it on someone else's "What I Wore Sunday" but I cannot remember for the life of me who I saw it on.
Scarf: A flea market in Belgium
Booties: I am pretty sure I got these in middle school. There is something fun about pulling something out that you got a super long time ago but you can still make work.

Live joy.


  1. "Liturgically correct..." love it! And I am obssessed with that polka dot chambray!

  2. Our pastor shared a similar thing at our Mass as well.. rejoicing in the Lord. I'm glad you were there to help your friend with her little ones. An extra set of hands is definitely a blessing during Mass.

    P.S. Your polka dot chambray shirt is pretty much awesome.

  3. YES! I love when people are liturgically correct! No one in the parish I go to has noticed that I've been doing it all throughout Advent, it is so awesome that your pastor noticed! The polka dots and the scarf go really well together!
    Thanks for including the quote from the homily, that is such a great quote!

  4. Very pretty! I like the whole dressing for the liturgy idea, but the only Advent-themed things I have are a prom dress and two shirts I have no skirts for. Other than my purple sweater, of course... which I wore today instead of the other two Sundays. Whoops.

  5. So interesting that the message of the Gospel today was in rejoicing. What joy that we can rejoice, even in the midst of unthinkable tragedy, because God is with us.

    Thanks for sharing your Pastor's words......and I sort of love your polka dot chambray top :)

  6. I meant to wear pink today, but ended having to choose to be on time to Mass rather than put something together! Yours looks very joyful, and right at home cozy in the tree barn! I love what you said about holding a saint in your arms. I need to remember that when my toddler is going nuts some weeks! I'll be praying for your sisters in particular.

  7. OK, the 3rd person dressing liturgically. I'm apparently oblivious. Sadly. True. Love the skirt and MIDDLE SCHOOL, really?? Wow, way to go!

  8. Your outfit is very cute. And after a really rough Mass with a toddler and an 8 month old, I needed to hear how special it is to hold a baby during Mass. THANK you for your help to your friend, on behalf of all mothers.

  9. I love the boots and whole outfit. Everyone seems to be dressing liturgically! I'm jealous, I don't own anything in that color haha. Thanks for linking up with us!

  10. Love your polka dot top and scarf together!