Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Our Lady of Guadalupe

Happy Feast Day!

I love Our Lady of Guadalupe. Her and the story associated with her apparition are a big reason why I feel so passionate about praying for radical conversion and passionate faith in our country. I also love her because I always imagine that if I were to open up my own midwifery practice one day I would want a statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe on a mantel seen as soon as you walk through the door, due to her patronage of the unborn.

I find it awfully appropriate to be studying for my OB test tomorrow on this feast day. As this semester and this class come to an end I realize how much I desire for this not to be the end of studies in maternity nursing. As I complete this class, I now more than ever that I want to continue on to become a midwife. I believe more advocates are needed to believe in a woman's ability to carry, deliver, and care for children in a beautiful way. Lord willing I begin this process soon after I graduate undgrad.

On this feast day I pray for Our Lady to intercede for the unborn-especially those whose mother's are contemplating abortion and those who are struggling with medical complications. I pray for my nursing career that my hands may always be hands of healing, love, and joy. Lastly, I pray for Our Lady's intercession for radical conversion and passionate faith in our country. And lastly, that her Immaculate Heart may be honored by all throughout all the world.

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