Friday, June 27, 2014

Tired Heart

Sometimes you don't know which side of the coin you are going to get with the single life.

Does your heart ever get tired of the seeking.  Seeking for the man The Lord wants you to marry.  As a lady you have hope that this time it will work out with him and are left disappointed when it doesn't....again.  You heart can get tired.  Flirting can be like a race, leaves you high with endorphins but also exhausted.  

That doesn't mean you heart can't be at peace and be tired.  We seek for the one The Lord wants for us and our hearts are tired but also trusting that when it is the one The Lord wants for us, it will work.  It is hard for me to put this out on the internet but I hope that someone else who has a tired heart and feels alone will get encouragement.  

On this feast of the Scred Heart of Jesus, what better of a day to place our weary, burdened tired heart in Our Lord's Sacred Heart.  

Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Here I am sitting on the subway on my way to Manhatten to walk around Central Park and take pictures.  I just got asked a question about the subway so I feel pretty cool (NYC imposter right here).  The train is filling up and I am thankful.  Thankful that I am single and can go to New York City for a week.  If I were married and had kids I would have to be more prudent, I would have responsibilities, and I would be living a different mission.  That would be a beautiful life but right now that isn't the life I am called to.  Instead I will drink mojitos late into the night contemplating just how many people are squeezed into this little island. I will sleep in and eat chocolate chip waffles.  I will flirt and get all nervous around guys who are tall and handsome.  I will be thankful for where I am right now not wishing I was anywhere else but here.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Summer Breeze Ramblings

Parent's side yard

I could make this into a 7QT but that would be like work.  The summer days are here and the livin' is easy.  

There are few things better than a good pedicure and pretty toes.  Except having a conversation with the lady about beer and natural child birth (Our hair dressers, who are sisters and one also does nails, have become our friends.  We went to one of their weddings and one of their baby showers, just to explain the situation a little but better).

I am going to NYC next week for nearly a week!!!!  My friend Sarah and I are driving up to visit another friend Mel who lives in Brooklyn.  I am excited to visit....and eat a New York bagel.  I need to start planning New York worthy outfits now.  

I don't know how much I have mentioned this on the blog but I am super disliking studying for the NCLEX.  I don't know how you med students do it and others who have to independent study a lot.  It is helpful if I can offer it up for specific prayer intentions so please leave them in the comment box below. And as a bonus I will offer them up during my runs too.  

I made look good cupcakes for the first time this past weekend.  Peanut butter with chocolate frosting! 

I warned you this was a rambling one.

If you are going to make deans list why not make it the 10th semester of your college career when it pales in comparison to your actually means something diploma.  I am not complaining, just find it funny. 

I ordered a new laptop but it was missing a piece of the cord, when it comes I can upload some pictures of Hershey Gardens and my trip to Hershey, PA.  I was going to ask you guys your opinion of Mac v. PC but I finally went with the PC.  I am hopping it will get me through at least 2 years and then I will probably invest in the Mac.

Now the debate is should I get a twin or full sized bed when I move into my apartment.  I am defiantly leaning towards twin because of space, cost for every piece of bedding and why do I need a full, no boys are sleeping over but I am willing to be swayed.  

Now go below and give me your prayer intentions and bed size opinions.  I know, a thriller is I.  

Saturday, June 14, 2014

2014 Reads: Monique and the Mango Rains and The Fault in our Stars

Double wammy book review. Summer, unemployment and any excuse to push off studying for the NCLEX means lots and lots of time reading.

I read Monique and the Mango Rains* during high school when the author had come to our school.  I honestly didn't remember most of it and wanted to give it anther read.  The author writes about her days as a peace core worker working in Mali with a midwife and general health care provider.  Having mission work and midwifery on my radar, this book fit me exactly.  The stories are rich, the descriptions of the African landscape are enchanting, and Monique's heart is warm and strong.  Despite the book causally approving of artificial contraception, the book makes you want more.  More stories, more dirt on your Chacos and more sweat dripping on your neck.

If you aren't familiar with the title The Fault in our Stars* you probably don't watch any television seeing as it recently came out as a movie.
Before you go accusing me of being a trend follower I will tell you that I have been waiting to check it out from my library app, Overdrive, but there has been a long hold list.  Ok so maybe I am not original enough to not have to be on a hold list but I was interested before I knew it was becoming a movie. And, the book really is worth the hype.  It is short but the story has an incredible depth fit into the short length which I think is quiet an accomplishment.  The story is raw and authentic.  It flows to include real life and real death. You can't help but smile at Hazel and her boy Augustus.  After reading it, actually as I read it, I understood why it had become so popular.

If you want more of review than "it was good" that is common to this hear bloggity I suggest you go check out Proveribial Girlfriend's review of The Fault in our Stars.  It says everything I wish I could say and even includes a discussion on Catholic's reading literature that is in this world and not of this world.  I end with her bottom line--
"Forgive this book’s teen sex and prepare for age appropriate discussions on the complexities of contemplating the meaning of life and afterlife, and you’ve got a read that will make your heart soar, then sore, then filled."

Some of us NAS girls are planning on starting a book club in the next couple of weeks.  Currently on the NAS FB there is voting going on for which book we should read first.  If you are a NAS FB follower who would like to be a part of it, please go to the FB page and vote.  If you are not a NAS FB follower, not part of the NAS, or not on FB but would still like to participate please comment below and I will make sure you can participate with us.  Currently, Jennifer Fulwiler's, who blogs over at Conversion Diary, book Something Other Than God* has the most votes. 

*affiliate links, please click!
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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Big Kid Adventures: Suit Shopping

So I started suit shopping yesterday.  No I don't have an interview yet but I knew it probably wouldn't be easy to find a suit and I would probably need to get it altered.  Unfortunately I was very very right. 

Did you know that very few places sell more than two or three jacket options?  The only places that I looked at that had more options was Macy's and The Limited.  

For the most part I only tried on the jackets because I knew that would be harder than the pants.

I quickly learned that one button looks horrendous on me and I need two. 

See a little bit better..

Finally good enough to try on a pair of pants with it even though still not a winner. 

No matter what I am going to need to get the jacket altered.  I have un-proportionately large arms so I need to get a size up which makes everywhere else big.

Any suggestions out there for where to buy suits.  I really don't want to go high end like J.Crew or anything?  Also I need opinions--is it professional enough to wear a different color jacket than pants like the last picture?  What color combo would you suggest if I really really dislike black?

Monday, June 9, 2014

Sleeping with Men

Yeap not the title you immediately think will come from this blog. This topic isn't always agreed upon even in passionately Catholic circles.  Is it ok to sleep (zzzs) with men when you aren't married?

I was recently shown this article which clearly and beautifully presents the idea that no, it is not ok to sleep with your boyfriend when you are not married.

And I have to say, I agree.  I think sleeping with anyone is an intimate thing to do.  For me this includes that sacred time in the morning when you are still in your pajamas, sipping your coffee, and communing with the Lord.

Of course we want to share these moments with our guy, it makes us feel wanted, it makes us feel beautiful, it makes us feel loved.  But their are other ways to show this to each other when you are dating.  But sleeping together is something that I know I want saved for our married life together.

Now don't get me wrong I don't think this is a black and white, cold and fast rule.  When you are traveling often you don't have a choice but to wake up with a guy in a hostel or when visiting his family.  But in this case, intention comes into play.

What are your thoughts about this?  Have you set up this boundary in you own life? Do you agree? Disagree?
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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Answer Me This: Debut

You know I am a sucker for link-ups but I do promise you that I have some original material coming up.

Answer me this form Catholic All Year

1. Do you have a land line?

I am in this transitional phase in my life adoringly called post grad life so really I don't "have" anything except the pile of boxes in my parent's basement.  But to answer the question my parents have a landline that only my dad picks up, otherwise we just listen to the answering machine which is basically just doctors offices and telemarketers.  

2. What is your least favorite food?

Mushrooms.  The texture.   The taste of nothingness.  Ugh.  

3. What's on your summer reading list?

Currently I am reading books like a dieter thinks about chocolate cake (so alot but not all the time).  I have time to read at night and often leisure time to read during the day.  I am going to be updating my 2014 Reads (which is pitifully small at the moment) but to give a little teaser I just finished The Fault in Our Stars and am almost done with Monique and the Mango Rains (*affiliate links). 

4. Is there something that people consistently ask for your advice on? What is it?

I think this is only because of my age but I am constantly listening to boy troubles.  Does he like me? Why doesn't anyone pursue me?  Should I confront him about this?  It goes on. I am hoping though that all this listening in the long run will make me an expert ;)

5. What's the most physically demanding thing you've ever done?

The first thing that come to mind is my 22km hike to Mariazell (truly a pilgrimage) when I spent my semester in Austria.  Even though there were only two up hill parts it was very physically demanding at the time I ended up with a hip injury that still causes me problems.  Thinking about it more I think just the fact that I can run multiple miles regularly is something I could have never imagined 13 years ago and especially in the beginning was physically and mentally demanding.  

6. How do you feel about massages?

I have never paid for a message but one of my best friends just graduated from message therapy school and I know I love her free messages :)
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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

NAS: One Year Anniversary and Year in Review

How has your life changed in the past year? How has this community impacted you?
Have fun with this! Fave post? What would you like to see more of? Anything, really!

I know I haven't posted everything single Tuesday for the NAS but this week I could not pass it up.  I cannot believe it has been an entire year since this community began.  And I really mean community, I feel like I have gotten to know a group of lovely ladies and shared things with you that I otherwise wouldn't have.  More importantly I have gotten to learn so much wisdom from you gals and learned, well, that I am very much not alone.  I became part of a group of women who are striving for holiness and seeking to love the Lord more fully.

There are so many things that have happened over this past year in my own life.

I had a whirlwind summer nannying four days a week and attending five weddings including watching one of my best friends get married.

I started my fifth and last year of college.

Knights and Angels Nursing Majors

I went to Florida for Spring Break and got to meet Jen from Jumping in Puddles.

I celebrated two years in Regina Angelorum.

Five of the Nine Girls in my Intent class
I graduated nursing school.  I graduated nursing school.  I graduated nursing school. (Still trying to get that one to sink in.)

Lined up and Ready to Go 

When it comes to the NAS it is hard to pick my favorite post from an entire year.  Recently it was great to talk about my discernment which was a really important thing in my life. The Single Life Bucket List was fun.  The first paragraph of this one still makes my heart go pitter patter.  And this one was very popular and well received.  Looking back it was a year of great posts. 

I know this year has so much in store.  It is the year I am really going to step out and put on my big girl panties, get a job and move into my apartment.  I am not going to try to pretend that I know all the Lord has in store for me.  I know it might become clear to me if I am going to midwife school and/or traveling abroad to become a missionary.  I also know I might meet the man who I will one day call hubby. No matter what happens I am excited for another year of adventure, of unexplored territory, of joy, of love, and of passionately following the Lord.  And I hope and pray that this NAS community will continue to grow and that you will join me here on the bloggity to celebrate all that life has to offer.

P.S.  I was just pointed to an article on the Chastity Project about Sleeping with Men (like literal zzzs) that I will defiantly be sharing and commenting on asap.

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