Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Five Favorites

To put a little bit of a theme to Five Favorites this week I decided to do five of my favorites that you might not know.  Things that don't typically come up in bloggy conversation but in fact are some of my most favorite things.


Gilmore Girls. My all time favorite show.  I own all seven seasons and have watched them all many times.  I feel like the characters are my friend.  There is premarital sex and it drives me nuts because "oh my God" is said often but without trying to be relativistic it isn't bad compared to most junk on TV.  And yes I might have a Gilmore Girls t-shirt and poster and yes I find it ironic that I went to Gilmour Academy for high school so I am a "Gilmour Girl" myself.


Coffee. Ok maybe you do know about that one but I still really like the nector of gold.


My pajama pants. I am very particular about the pajamas I like. I don't like flannel or fleece but instead like fabric that can stretch.  I like it big enough that I don't feel like I have rolls over the waist band but not so huge that I am swimming.  I normally wear pants unless I am sleeping in an un-AC-ed house during the summer than shorts are my best friend.   Oh and I don't like to wear yoga pants or other pants deemed sweatpants to bed.  I like to wear sleep pants to sleep.  Ok got it.  Yeah I know, random.  And no I am not showing you a picture of my overstuffed pajama drawer.


Red Velvet Cake. Another random.  I don't know why when I think of five favorites that wouldn't typically come up I think of Red Velvet Cake.  I couldn't tell you why I Iike it so much.  Maybe it is the cream cheese frosting normally paired with it.  Either way, Red Velvet Cake is where it is at. (Should Red Velvet Cake be capitalized?  I can't figure out if it is a proper name or not.)


Sound of Music.  I find it only fitting that I end a few of my favorite things posts with the movie that started "a few of my favorite things".  This movie is by far one of my favorite movies, it is my moms favorite movie and also my grandmas.  When my Goddaughter was only a few weeks old I sat with her on the couch when it was on abc family in order to ensure that she was introduced to it from a very young age.  The story line is heartwarming, the spiritual truths and insights are profound, the history that sticks with you is irreplaceable, and the singing always brings a smile to your face.  When I lived in Austria for four months as part of a study abroad program of course I had to see some of the sights in Salzburg....twice

The Church where Caption and Maria marry in the movie. 

The gazebo.

The steps on which they hop up and down singing. 

Ahh now I am dreaming of my semester in Europe.  I look forward to reading all of your favorites!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

WIWS (Vol.20)

Well it is official, my brother has joined the ranks of high school graduate.  Yesterday was his baccalaureate Mass, which by the way does anyone know the history of baccalaureate Masses anyway?  Since that Mass fulfilled our Sunday obligation I figured that would qualify as the WIWS outfit. 

Dress: TJ Maxx/Marshalls
Sweater: Target
Braided Belt: Goodwill
Shoes:  Payless, ($19.99, score for wedding season!!)

And why not throw in what I actually wore on Sunday.

Right after graduation with my grandma.

Excited that now we both have our Gilmour Academy diplomas and medallions. 

And a rare thing happened too, I actually got a good picture of my brother receiving his diploma from Br. Lavelle. 

The details of the outfit:
Dress: one of my favorite dresses that I got at Target a few years ago
Bracelet:  Jade that my dad picked up for me from the Jade Market in Hong Kong, I remember wearing it to my own graduation
Shoes:  You can't see them but these new ones I love from Payless....darn it they are cheaper now than when I bought them a few weeks ago.  

And no they do not wear caps and gowns.  The guys wear dark suits and the girls wear white dresses. 

Congratulations Matthew on successfully completing high school, best of luck as you move on to University of Pittsburgh-maybe I will just have to stop in sometime      


Monday, May 20, 2013

Sisterhood Everlasting

So if you haven't been keeping count, because lets be honest who would be, this is my 6th book finished for the year.  Woohooo!!  Ok maybe it really isn't that excited but I know I have been really enjoying this past week spending oddles of time with my nose in a book.

This book, Sisterhood Everlasting by Ann Brashares,  is another book in the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series.  I read the first four books when I was in high school.  I have also watched the movie but because I watch so much Gilmore Girls, when I watch other movies with Alexis Bledel I have a hard time separating that role from her Rory role in the TV series.  I was really excited when I learned that Ann Brashares had released another book in the series and hoped on to my wonderful Overdrive app and borrowed the book from the library and downloaded it onto my phone.  (If you are a smart phone user and don't know about this app yet you are really missing out.)  I quickly reentered the world of Lena, Carmen, Tibby, and Bridget and enjoyed every minute of it.  The excitement I had for another book in the series did not disappoint.  Now I won't really go into much more detail because the book has a big twist that I don't want to ruin for you but I do want to give a little shout out to the pro-life message in the book.  Now if you really don't want any giving away stop reading right now because this does give away a little something but I really want to highlight the pro-life message.



Well now that those folks are gone I can say that in the book one of the girls finds out she is pregnant, she immediately assumes she will abort the baby.  She isn't allowed/doesn't do it right away and just sits with the pregnancy for awhile.  As other parts of the story unfold she realizes the LIFE that is inside her uterus and that their is no way she could get rid of it.  Now this thought isn't greatly stressed but any pro-life message is so important and needed in our culture to counteract the anti-life message rampant in our world today.

I recommend this book to other adult readers, especially if you have read the other books in the series.  Could you read this book without reading the first four?  I guess but you wouldn't get the full richness of the characters so why would you want to do that.

As always, please link up any reviews you have done on this title or let me know how you liked it.

Friday, May 17, 2013

7QT (Vol.14)

--- 1 ---

I am a big Dugger fan and am so excited to see Jess, one of the older girls, becoming a midwife.  It is awesome to watch her be a midwifery student.

--- 2 ---

Speaking of the Duggers, if you haven't read their first  or second book, I highly recommend them both to you.  This family is either truly that authentic or really good liars.  When I read their books I was often moved to tears at how genuine their love was for each.  I highly encourage you to read it if you want to be inspired.

--- 3 ---

7 Quick Takes is all about random thoughts right?  Today was drive your tractor to school day at the local high school and what a sight it was to be at the post office as school let out and all those tractors and four wheelers pulled out.

--- 4 ---

I have been loving all the reading time I have had.  Suggestions welcome.

--- 5 ---

If you haven't already read here, check it out, but the clean eating is going really well.  I would be lying if I didn't say I have cheated twice but otherwise staying on track.

--- 6 ---

In case you weren't sure if I was a typical college student.  That is graduation on the laptop screen and a bottle of Smirnoff. 

--- 7 ---

Teaching a 2 year old how to say "how you doin'" in imitation of Joey from Friends=great idea. 

For more Quick Takes, visit Conversion Diary!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Five Favorites: Summer Edition

Well now that summer has officially began for me I find it fitting that this five favorites be all about my favorite parts of summer

1.  My best friends

One of us is going to grad school and a teaching job, another is getting married, as per usual heaven only ever knows what one is doing, and I am going back for one more year of undergrad.  Summer means spending as much time as possible with them, especially with the many different directions (literally different states) we will all be going in too soon. 

2.  Three of my favorite kiddos

I have a family who has three kids, two boys ages 4 and 2, and my Goddaughter, almost 6 months, who I visit almost everyday.  It is so important to me to spend as much time with them as possible to watch them grow up and help out their mom, one of my dearest friends, with an extra set of hands.  I am excited for trips to the playground, sprinkler park, Farmpark, and zoo.  

3.  Fresh fruits and veggies

Not only does my dad cultivate an overflowing garden but I supplement that with the Amish produce stand.  I am so excited for all the straight from the garden fruits and veggies I will be filling my belly with.  

4.  Tanning

The fact that I will  more than likely have a few skin cancer scares in my life hasn't fully hit me yet.    I love laying out in the sun and being a nice dark bronze all summer long.  My tanning buddy, the bride, and myself, the bridesmaid, have decided to make tanning pretty much a job this summer.

5.  Reading time

Ahh summer reading. Love not having to read dense heavy textbooks.  Please I welcome all recommendations.  Check out my 2013 reads to see what I have been reading lately.   

So what about a summer job?  The nanny job I talked about on Sunday hasn't gotten back to me yet so I am still hoping!  

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Day One

So I in no way plan to make this a weight loss, healthy eating, or juicing blog but that doesn't mean that I can't have posts here and there.  So last fall I watched the Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead movie on Netflix and it completely inspired me.  Soon after, with two friends, I did a 10-day juicing fast.  (If you don't understand why you juice watch the movie and you will understand better).  I lost over 7 pounds in 10 days and have never felt healthier.  I stayed good for a long time with what I call "fruit and veggie strong" but over time I have slipped into eating more and more carbs and sugar and along with that came pounds.  I have decided to go really strict again for at least 5 days and my mom and brother decided to join in.  My goal is to get healthy again and who doesn't want to lose some weight especially with short/skirt/bathing suit/wedding season swinging into high gear. I will defiantly be putting periodic updates on here along with weight loss.  I am sure I will also be putting some of what I will be eating on here and through instagram so follow both to take a little peak into kick starting healthier eating.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

WIWS (Vol. 19)

Another week for WIWS.  Yesterday I was at school watching another group graduate from Franciscan, moved home in the evening and today I am settling in for a summer at home.

Look at my lovely household sisters in their graduation garb and the non-graduating sisters yesterday.

And of course the best part about being home is holding this little cutie during Mass. (Let it be noted that this pic was taken after Mass and not during Mass.  Yeah I know, I got the cutest little Goddaughter around.)  

Now on to the outfit.  I have a Nanny interview this evening so I felt like this outfit said "I-am-a-put-together-fun-college-student-who-would-take-great-care-of-your-child".  Is that what it says to you?  The blue was an added bonus to honor Our Lady, our best and dearest mother, on Mother's Day.  

The details
Dress: jean polka dot dress (with pockets!) from Old Navy
Cardigan:  Old Navy (actually purchased at the same time as the dress)
Shoes:  My granny nude shoes that are not well pictured here
Lovely Locks:  Blow dried but in desperate need of a trim, priority for this week
Shelf and boxes in the background:  Evidence of the unpacking and organizing I need to do this week.  I hate packing and then I realize that everything has to be unpacked and I am tempted to just burn everything.  

And I must wish a "Happy Mother's Day" to my own mom and grandma, all the women who have taught me so much about what it means to be a wife and mother, and above all to Our Lady who is our greatest model of womanhood and motherhood.

"With your help, as long is their is strength in us, we will fight to the last breath, so help us, O Queen, O Lady, O best and dearest Mother." -St. Maximilian Kolbe

Now that I am back home I will be doing some prettying up of the blog (any opinions on likes and dislikes?)  and writing some post about the summer.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The core of the Gospel of life.

Christopher West came and spoke at Franciscan last spring including promoting his new(ish) book "At the Heart of the Gospel".  I began reading it at the time but put it down for so long that as I pick it back up I decided to just start it over again.  As I dive back in to it I had to pass on this gem from one of the first pages.

"We need to bring the Gospel of life to the heart of every man and woman and to make it penetrate every part of society.  This involves above all proclaiming the core of this Gospel.  It is the proclamation of a living God who is close to us, who calls us to profound communion with himself and awakens in us the certain hope of eternal life.  It is the affirmation of the inseparable connections between the person, his life, and his boldiliness" --Blessed Pope John Paul II (EV 80-81)

Sunday, May 5, 2013

WIWS (Vol. 18)

I haven't done this link up for a number of weeks, things like woman's retreat, Saturday Vigil Mass, household inductions, and brunch at my clinical instructor's house just get in the way.  Excited to join up with Mandi at Messy Wife, Blessed Life while Emily is off joining the Mrs. club.

Jumping right in with the outfit....

Skirt:  Goodwill, Merona brand
Tank: Modbod, the ones I have raved about multiple times
"Cardigan":  Target, the same one I wore the last time I did WIWS
Belt:  Goodwill, excited about this purchase 
Earrings:  Gabriel Brothers, I love these earrings and was so excited when I realized they would go perfectly with this skirt.  
Shoes:  Still undecided.

Now why haven't I decided on shoes, shouldn't I have already been to Mass this morning?  Actually I am going to a First Communion Mass at 2:30.  Whose you ask?  All you moms out their are going to love this (and I apologize for any jealousy that may occur).  We have this thing at Franciscan called Ministry to Mass organized by Kimberly Hahn.  Moms and students attend this afternoon tea and based on availability and needs they get matched up.  On a regular basis the student goes over a family's house and helps out with things like babysitting, cleaning, laundry, dishes, homework and whatever else might need to be done.  In exchange the student normally joins them for a meal-read escapes a meal from the caf, and can do their laundry there.  It really is a great win-win situation.  My first semester at Franciscan I attended this tea and got matched up with a wonderful family.  At the time they had four kids with the youngest still being a baby, since then twins (and a dog) have been added to the family and the then baby is headed to preschool in the fall.  Also, by coincidence I joined her household so in the "crazy Franny household world"  we are now sisters.  I have folded and put away many a piles of laundry(she loves the fact that I doing boat loads of laundry), scrubbed numerous dishes, and shared countless dinners with them.  I am going to the second oldest's First Communion this afternoon.  It has been such a blessing to become part of their family.  She is a great cook (huge bonus) and has taught me so much about what it means to be a wife and mother.  The kids have become so special to me and I love whenever I get to spend time with them.  It is such a blessing to get to watch "E" receive First Holy Communion for the first time.

So all that to tell you why I haven't decided on shoes yet.  Hope everyone has a blessed, relaxing and joyful Sunday.

Friday, May 3, 2013

This time next year....


Whoa I am just going to let that sink in for a minute.....


In one year I will be finishing up my nursing degree, preparing for my NCLEX and graduating.  This degree has involved many mountains and bumps along the way and graduating has always been something so far in the distance so to start to see the finish line is really weird.  Of course the journey is no where near over and their is still many adventures and boat loads of studying to go but for now I am just sitting in the fact that the end will come....well that and sitting studying for my psych final.