Monday, December 3, 2012

The Final Stretch Begins

This is what much of my weekend looked like.

Friday night was all social including a trip to Haufbrau house in Pittsburgh, a birthday party and two Christmas parties. It was so great to hang out with friends and be social. However, for better or for worse the socialness stayed on Friday.

I spent the most part of Saturday and Sunday cozied up at home, by myself, enjoying lots of chilling before I begin the agonizing sprint to the finish line. It included lots of Gilmore Girls, naps, reading, crocheting, blogging, and movie watching. I did hang out with some sisters to watch Elf Saturday night and my roommate was in and out but for the most part it was just me living the definition of chill.

And thus begins the hard core studying that will end with two cummulative tests. This is when everyone goes a little crazy, bedtime is relative, and enough coffee cannot be consumed. Please pray for us so that we don't go completely insane.

And if you wonder why I keep posting throughout the next two weeks, it isn't because I am taking time to write, it is because I have a slew of posts in drafts.

Live joy.

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