Thursday, December 20, 2012

Day in the Life 12-20-12

I like to keep myself busy.

6:55 Woke up, took a shower and got ready for the day.

8:00 Mass. Gospel reading was from Luke 1, the Annunciation. Love it!!

9:00 Breakfast with the best friends. Quailty time with each other while eating French toast and loaded egg cassaroles made by Stacey. Planned our futures, discussed the upcoming wedding, dreamed, reminisced and vented about roommates and our families.

2:00 Is it 2:00 already? Time just got away from us. We were wondering why we were getting hungry again.

2:23. Errands for my mom.

3:48 Big grocery shopping trip. Got all the food for Christmas and 20% food perks.

6:18 Driving home and had to go an alternate way because there was a bad accident at the corner of my street. Called my mom to make sure it wasn't here. Now I just hope whoever was involved in it is ok.

6:23 Home and putting groceries away. Don't you just love my lock screen.

6:56 Groceries away, cold beer, checking out this talked about Amish Mafia and thinking about some cookie making. Saw the hilarious Jello pudding commercial about the end of the world occurring tomorrow. Clever jello, clever.

8:22 Made two batches of cookies with National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation in the background

11:08 Signing some of the family's Christmas cards, then off to bed. Hopefully some scripture and Jesus of Nazereth before I dooze off.

Thanks for joining me for a day in my life.

Live joy.

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