Saturday, December 8, 2012

7 Quick Takes (Vol. 5)

--- 1 ---

Wow call me Miss. Creative...not. I have been all about the link-ups lately but I have some posts in drafts and some post ideas and maybe a link up of my own. Would anyone be interested in a "what's in my makeup bag" link up?

--- 2 ---

My mom called me about half way through the day yesterday apologizing for not sending me anything for St. Nicks day. Being the gift giver she is, she had a local florist deliver a Christmas Cactus. Isn't she the best. And I love me some potted plants.

--- 3 ---

In my Pediatric nursing class, our professor asked us to bring in Christmas presents for local children in need for a Christmas Party and Exam Review Day. That tree in the background, the "ornaments" are all nurse's caps with our names on them. Each color is a different grade level.

--- 4 ---

Would you consider helping out a family in need. As a household, we help the family in the above link it whatever ways we can. I have mentioned them before here. However, as college students we can only do so much financial. Think about making even a small donation to this family stuck between a rock and a hard place.

--- 5 ---

My outfit needs for the day today were varied. We were encouraged to wear ugly Christmas sweaters to our Peds class this morning, for household life Mass the Angels are all wearing flannel with our Angel gear. And then I am going to an ugly Christmas party later tonight. How delighted was I when I found ugly Christmas plaid (plaid is close enough to flannel right?)

In case you can't tell those are embroidered gingerbread men.

Of course I had to match my socks to my shirt.

--- 6 ---

I am already going crazy from studying. How do we do this semester after semester?!

--- 7 ---

Want to brighten up your this video.

You won't regret it. That would be some of my hosuehold sisters singing to Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas is You".

Your welcome.

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  1. I would LOVE a "make-up-link-up"! That would be really fun. Also, I love the cactus that your mom sent. My mom is quite a gifter herself, and I love getting a good surprise in the mail :-)

    I checked out the page for that family which you've posted. You're a good neighbor to them! I've found that so many people say that they are friends but fail to be supportive in critical times, or even spread word for the help of their neighbor. Good on you. I only tell you that I've made a contribution so that you know that you've personally made a difference for them. <3

    1. I am absolutely blown away and speechless that you don't know me and you don't know the Moses but you would be willing to make a donation just because you know they have great need. You live in true Christian spirit. If I have done all this blogging soley for this, it is all worth it. Thank you so much for letting me know in humility.

      Get excited about a make-up link up. I will wait till after the holidays when things are a little less hectic and blog topics are a little sparce but I will be sure to let you know when I am doing it.

  2. definitely could get into a makeup link :)

    and that video was great! my friend sent me this one: yesterday, her neighbors made it at NDSU! hilarious :)

    1. I will make sure to let you know when I do the make-up link up. I was thinking about right after Christmas when things have quieted down and blog post topics aren't so abundant.