Thursday, July 30, 2015

Blogging for Books Review: Five Years in Heaven

Oh you haven't heard about Blogging for Books yet? Well you are hearing about it now.  If you have a blog you can read and review books you actually want to read for free!  Sign me up and that I did.

The first book I have reviewed is Five Years in Heaven by John Schlimn.  I was intrigued with its quick tag line "What is heaven on earth? The answer lies in this true story of one young man's journey to find hope and purpose with the help of an unlikely teacher--a compassionate and wise old nun, whom the world had long-forgotten."  Spiritual memoirs you get me every time.   There is just something great about a story that reads like fiction but has faith weaved through it.

The stories of John visiting the pottery shop, chatting with Sister Augustine about life and faith, promoting her work and admiring her pottery kept me reading the book.  Was it the best book I have ever read, no. Is it worth a read, yes. Although sometimes the writing can get long and drawn out it doesn't take away from the story but fluffs it up.  And I have to say, I want a Gussie's Special for myself.  With these summer days long and hot this book is a great book to enjoy while relaxing the days away.

*I received this book for free from blogging for books in order to review.  
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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Some Questions

The lovely Jen @ Jumping in Puddles recently introduced me to the podcast Building Bridges associated with the Blessed is She movement. First off, check it out.  If you are a podcast lover like me this is one you want to add to your playlist.  Just two ladies talking about faith, family, and being a lady.  In their first episode, they asked each other some questions and I thought to myself 'I should answer those on my bloggity'.  I may not have gotten them all but I got a handful.  If you would like, answer along too and please share your link in the comments so that I can make sure I check it out.

1.  What is one thing you would want to do over?

This one is really hard because I think the all the twists and turns in my life have molded me to be who I am-the great, the bad, and the ugly.  However, two things that come to mind that really go hand in hand is first, college taking 5 rather than 4 years and second, the debt I incurred in college.  Although I would be in a very different situation today were it not for the amount of student loans I have which would be awesome I also fully recognize the way it is molding me.   First off, I think that I was supposed to be at Franciscan for 5 years for whatever reason that I may never understand.  Second,  I would not be as organized financially or frugal would it not be for my need to be and my determination to pay off my loans quickly.   So while I get annoyed I also realize the ways it all has blessed me.

2.  What thrills you?

I don't know if thrills is the right word but I come alive when I am spending quality time with good, holy people.  Sitting out on the deck until the fireflies come out engaging in awesome conversation and I will be floating on cloud 9 for days.

3.  What in your life do you turn your noise up?

Night shift.  Lets not talk about it.

4.  What do you do for work?

I need to do another day in the life but I am a labor and delivery nurse.  This involves taking care of women in labor, pushing with women, attending deliveries, and taking care of mom and baby during the 2ish hour recovery period following delivery and any repair that takes place.  If I went into details about all this there would probably be some gagging mixed with the expected awws.

5.  What was the hardest Church teaching to accept?

I vividly remember a time in high school were I just naively thought I wouldn't follow the Church's teaching for sex and family planning.  Oh how little I knew about the wisdom in God's plan for families.  Now I realize the brilliance and truth the Church has to teach and the freedom that comes in God's plan.  I think now the hardest thing is often trust in His plan for my life and that if he provides for the birds of the fields how too he will provide for me, his beloved daughter.

Any random questions you want to throw at me?  Comment below.
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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Creating a Home

This is something I have been wanting to write about for a long time.  This blog has sort of evolved from a mismatch of pinterest and outfits to really focusing in on the things that affect young single Catholic ladies and I am not complaining.  It is this beautiful challenging time that involves alot of transitions, unknowns, decisions, and joys.  One such thing is choosing how and where to live.

Without going into too much detail I moved to Pittsburgh last October with a job, a one bedroom apartment and a roommate.  Since then I have moved into a four bedroom house, gained another roommate and gotten two other job offers but still have the same job...for now.  One thing that has become very important, especially since moving is cultivating a home.

So often creating a home goes hand in hand with hubby and a litter of children, but why can't us single gals also talk about cultivating a home of love and joy?

I have tried to be purposeful, despite large ever present loan payments, to create a home with pieces and spaces that I love, and I hope my roommates love it just as much as I do.  Arranging furniture to be warm and inviting, adding pieces that inspire joy, religious articles that point back to Him, plants that bring a breath of fresh air, and a flow that just works.  It is by no means perfect but a home is an ever evolving space with things, people, ideas, hopes, dreams, and sometimes even failings flowing through it.
Cozy corners. 
Much of the furniture in our home has come from thrift stores, hand me downs, and trash day but somehow all comes together as if we choose them out of a magazine. Just a few weeks ago one of my roommates and I were discussing how much we disliked our kitchen chairs and would love if we could change them.  Wouldn't you know that not three days later on trash day there were three nearly perfect condition chairs that were just sitting in the trash on the curb.  I like to think that the Lord also wanted us to have a beautiful home that worked with our budget.

We recently had our home blessed and hosted the priest for dinner even more emphasizing that the definition of a home doesn't necessarily include a traditional nuclear family but also can include three single ladies striving for sainthood and their vocation.

I have seen it all over instagram (@avcrawford and @ymgal13 I am looking at you) this creating of beautiful living spaces but I say to all of you ladies keep on creating.  Create homes you love living in. 

A sink overflowing with dishes normally means a night laughing and chatting with friends.

Nothing better than a summer evening on the patio.
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