Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Tree 2012

Remember that time I promised I would show you our Christmas tree, well I now deliver on my promise.

Every year since I went away to college I beg my parents to get a Christmas tree before I come home because I love the idea of coming home and seeing the home all festive. They have never delivered on this wish and in the spirit of celebrating a little closer to the liturgical seasons rather than the secular consumerism Christmas I decided I kind of like the idea of getting the Christmas tree on or near Gaudete Sunday.

We always go to the same tree farm and even though we normally dress so that we can go to the field we always end up buying one in the barn. This year we just came straight from Mass, and being Murphey's law, the pickings were slim in the barn. There was nothing tall or wide enough for our likings. We were debating on going out to the field carefully or just settling on a skinny tree. The guy who owns the tree starting joking and showing us one little tree on top of another tree that had its topped off. He was kidding but we thought it could be really funny. Because we took two trees into our home that otherwise wouldn't have a home we got both of them for only $25.

You can see that the trees do have slightly different colors but once the lights and ornaments are on them you can't even tell! Yes, that is a doll rod to hold the two trees together. Yes, we do have spray painted brown cup connected to the rod to keep the top tree watered. Yes, that is my senior picture in the background, yes 18x20 is large, yes my head in the picture is bigger than my actual head, and yes it can be very awkward.

Live joy.

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