Sunday, June 30, 2013

WIWS (Vol. 24)

Back again for another week of What I Wore Sunday with the lovely FLAP ladies!

So I actually attended my obligatory Sunday Mass yesterday as I spoke at a parish (that is actual at two different Churches due to clustering and priest needs) to promote the Fest but I forgot to get an outfit post--just imagine dazzling smile, grey jersey skirt, great legs, teal lace top tied together with a perfectly placed brown belt...or something like that.  However, I did want to tell a quick little glory story.

After lazing around most of the day Saturday I wasn't exactly excited to get dressed up and speak after these two Masses especially since I knew these parishes had more of an elderly population but of course I did it anyway.   It was a beautiful drive out there because the parishes are about a half hour deeper into the country and in the middle of gorgeous Amish country.  But the real glory comes after the second Mass of the night.  I was chatting with people as they left Church and handing out flyers.  At the tail end was a couple with a wife who had oxygen, a walker and I overheard has been battling cancer for over a decade.  The husband told me I was a great speaker and I gave my standard, "Thank you, I took two years of competitive speech in high school so that helps."  He asked me where I went to high school and low and behold he taught there for a few years and some of his fellow teachers then are still their now.  The conversation continued and we talked about Franciscan University, Catholic education, Our Lady and her consistent message, and found out that they know my brother because they are on the board at the shrine where my brother did is Eagle Scout project.    It is a small world after all.  I pulled out of that parking lot feeling refreshed and glorifying God.  I know it is my duty to show the world that their still are young people alive and passionate about their faith and give hope to the Church.  Last night, I was alive and passionate and was completely blessed by this couple.  So if you can today, pray for Mike and Susan.

Today, Sunday, I spoke again at each of these Churches for their Sunday morning Mass.  Now today I did remember the outfit picture.  Seems kinda weird though to flash up a picture of myself after that glory story but I guess it is What I Wore Sunday.

The Details:
Skirt: Target
Top:  Dress Barn but I got it out of the free mission bin at the end of this past school year, score!
Shoes:  My favorites this summer from Payless
Scapular:  Been around the world a bit and soon to fall apart.

And I can't write another post without mentioning Xan and his hope to get a million fans.  I have mentioned Xan and his family here before.  Until they recently moved from Steubenville to the Ronald McDonald house in Pittsburgh, many girls in my household would give so much of their time and energy to this family.  I know I have been personally blessed by this family chatting with Jen, helping give Xan a bath, helping out with their laundry and playing with the boys.  Xan has a degenerative neurological disease that most likely involves a grim outcome.  His story has caught like wildfire over the past few days and his Xan Fan facebook likes have gone from a measly 500 to an extraordinary 109,000!!  Be a part of it and head on over to Facebook and become a Xan Fan yourself.  Here is the video that sparked the fire, I would have tissues available just to warn you. 

Now I am un-embarrassingly giving a plea because I am desperate!  So you can't follow my blog on bloglovin' because of some sort of RSS issue.  I have contacted blog lovin' and you can't contact blogger or feedburner.  I feel like I have tried everything my little nursing brain can and get so so so so frustrated at this point everytime I try.  I am begging you if you, your husband, little brother, boyfriend, if anyone can help me out, I need it, bad.  Please save me from going bald by pulling out all my hair.  


  1. Hi Natalie. You look lovely! That top was a great find. I'm not on FB, nor am I any help w/ your RSS issue. Sorry. :-(

  2. Your posts show up in my blogger feed for sure now! :) But, um... I got nothing about Bloglovin'!

    Also, Xan is adorable!

  3. That's a great combination, super skirt and love the detailing on the top!

  4. BTW, I was able to pull you up and add you on Bloglovin'. I typed it exactly as your title is, "" and all....

  5. Hi Natalie! I am noe following you on bloglovin. You are on their roles so I don't know why you were having trouble.
    Anyway, loves this weeks outfit. Especially the maxi skirt. I am a HUGE fan of them this summer. LOVE! LOVE!LOVE!

  6. Love the purple maxi and the detail on that shirt!