Monday, June 17, 2013

The Language of Flowers

I actually finished this book a week or two ago but I have been reading so much that I can't keep up with the reviews.  I first saw this book on this beautiful woman's blog (who is currently growing TWO babies).  The title didn't catch me but once I read about 50 pages I couldn't stop.

Quick synopsis---The story is about a girl, Victoria, who grew up in the foster care system and has a love for flowers and the things they say- love, patience, devotion.  As the story flows it switches back and forth between her adult life and her life as child in the system.   This being unwanted as a child, of course overflows into her self-worth, or lack there of, in her life as a young woman.  The tale includes twists of love, friendship and even motherhood.

One of the things that most amazed me about this book, besides the ability for the author to seamlessly flow the story from an adult to a child, I still am not sure the time that this story is set in. The book neither talks about modern technology nor about old time things. Instead it was a timeless story that kept me captivated.

Out of all the books I have reviewed here on the bloggity, this is probably the one that I would most recommend to any of my readerrs who care.  I can see why it is a New York Time's best seller.

As always I would love to hear if you have read this book and what you think about it.  And come back there will be more book reviews soon.


  1. Hm. Looks good! I might have to read it :)

  2. This sounds great!! Thanks for the rec. :)