Friday, June 7, 2013

7QT (Vol. 15)

So remember that one time I talked about interviewing for a nannying job.  After waiting for nearly two weeks to hear back I got the job.  Throughout the whole summer job looking I prayed that the Lord would show me the job He wanted me to have.  Now mind you I had probably applied to about 40-50 varying summer jobs, about 35 being nannying jobs on  Before I found out I got this particular job I heard back from maybe 3 jobs all being dead ends.  On my first day starting with this family I got calls or emails from nearly 6 jobs.  Some of those jobs paid more and were closer but I had to stay faithful that obviously the Lord wants me to have this job otherwise I would have gotten all those calls before I started with this particular family.  I have however been able to add another family that just needed Fridays, they caught my eye because they wanted a nanny who "shared their Christian values."

Because the three month old I nanny sleeps alot I have had even more time than I already did to read lots and lots of books in case you couldn't tell.  Click on over to read about The Perfect Marriage and another post will be coming soon about The Language of Flowers.

I could not post a single more post without telling you about this song.   This song is AMMMMAAAZZZIINNGG.  I don't know how everyone isn't talking about it.  With lyrics like "Holy Spirit come invade us now, We are Your Church, We need Your power in us", "Show Your mighty hand, Heal our streets and land, Set Your church on fire, Win this nation back, Change the atmosphere, Build Your kingdom here, We pray" and "No force of hell can stop, Your beauty changing hearts, You made us for much more than this, Awake the kingdom seed in us" you can't help but scream with excitement and cry all in the same moment. 

This stuff is fan-freaking-tastic.  I have had this bottle for a while but always forget about it.  Well this week I had this nasty huge zit on my check.  Because I couldn't just leave it alone, it of course got bigger and nastier.  I started putting Vitamin E oil on it and within one day it looks so much better.  I have also been struggling the past few weeks with drier than I would like skin on my face.    I know who struggles with dry skin in the summer.  It was like within 3 weeks I went from "still tends to be oily rather than dry teen skin"  to "adult dry skin".  How does that happen.  I decided to hit it before it knew what was coming and again the Vitamin E oil came out valiant and helped the dryness in just one application.
Did you see my post for the new "Not Alone Series"? Ladies are very excited about it and I am excited to connect with women who are in similar stages of life as me.

Twice this week I have been helping my bride make wedding favors-homemade paper imbedded with wildflowers seeds that are meant to be planted.  By about number 80 we got it down to a science. 
So remember when I mentioned that my family had gone on a hard core diet.  Three weeks later and we are still going strong, I am nearly in disbelief.  Some days are challagenging and many days the choices aren't perfect but we are all at least seeking to continue making more good choices rather than bad.  Either way it isn't too bad that in a little over three weeks I have lost 6.8 pounds.  Hopefully this will continue.

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  1. So glad you are contributing on the "Not Alone Series"! My best friend Jen is one of the ladies who started it. Thanks for the advice on the Vitamin E oil...I always have dry skin in the winter (love the dry Pittsburgh air) and normal skin the summer! Prayers for your job!

  2. I love those wedding favors, such a cute, simple and sweet idea. And congratulations on getting the nannying job!