Sunday, June 2, 2013

WIWS (Vol. 21)

joining the FLAP ladies again.  We will start with the light and precede to the heavy.

The Outfit

Hazy but I like the arty look of it...

 What am I afraid my car is going to be stolen or admiring my dad's cut lawn..

Now we are talking....

My Sunday uniform is basically a combo of brown and grey.  The skirt is "mauvy".

Oh and the shoes that are basically brand new that I got from a thrift store this week for $5!


Skirt--old, just this morning I was remembering walking in the heat in this skirt when I lived at Maggie's Place
Tank---ModBod, cannot rave about these enough
Sweater---Target, linky here
Shoes and Belt--Woman's Safe Thrift store and Steubenville Goodwill, respectively

The heavy....
My 19 year old brother has this new "I am not going to Mass" mantra.  My heart is breaking.  We will see if my mom makes him go to the later Mass with her.  Everytime he says it I see Our Lady weeping over this soul not wanting to come to her Son at Mass.  If you could spare a prayer please pray for him.

I offer so many rosaries and novenas for him.  I have so many friends and household sisters prayer for him.  I see it in him that the prayers are working and his heart is being tugged but he is resisting so bad.  I trust that one day he won't be able to resist any longer and he will come running back but until then I beg of you to pray for him.  


  1. The shoes were a great find!

    And regarding your brother--as a mother of five grown sons I can think of nothing more heartbreaking than having them drift away from the Faith. I know how hard it must be for you and your parents. So prayers are going out for him--and for you! (It's good that you think he's being "tugged." That's a hopeful sign!)

  2. Love those shoes and the whole outfit. Praying for your brother!

  3. Praying for your brother, sister.