Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Five Favorites and Grace's Link-up....combined

So Mary over at Passionate Perseverance had the fantabulous idea of combining Hallie's Five Favorites with Grace's favorite post link up, sounds great to me especially considering I just took on a third job (you will just have to come back for Friday's 7QT to hear about that one).

In no particular order I introduce to you......

My 5 Favorite Blog Posts Yet!!


When I thought about my favorite posts, this daybook was the first one that came to mind.  For some reason the "I am creating....memories, YOLO" and the picture that goes along with it I just love. 

Oh and looking back at it again, Haiti planning was in the beginning stages and to think that now the trip has successfully occurred and I have seen all those kids in that picture again, all.through.God's.graces.  


Speaking of Haiti, I love this WIWS post not because of the post but because of the memories.  That picture (hair=mess) was taken and posted fresh from Haiti, waiting in the Florida airport.  My shoulders were still crispy, my heart was overflowing and anything was possibly.  Oh take me back.  


The post I link back to the most has to be this one about Radical Conversion and Passionate Faith. It is a neat package of some of my mindset when it comes to my outlook on the world, prayer, and the Church.  


So I count this one, Love Came Down, because I love the succinct simple, profound words contained in it. And who doesn't love some Merry Christmas, even in June.  


Finally this Mother Theresa quote.  I still haven't finished this book but I love what a comfort this quote is as a young college student.  I could read it over and over again.  

So hopefully I enticed you just enough to go and see some of what I consider gems contained in my little corner of the webosphere. And happy 3 year Grace!!

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