Saturday, June 22, 2013

Labor of Love

Wait have I mentioned lately that it is summer and I nanny a infant who sleeps half the day so I have lots of time to sink deep into books?  Yeah sorry you might have heard that before.

Anyway, periodically I search my county's library for books related to midwifery, I have loved a few memoir's written by midwife's telling their stories of catching babies and guiding woman through a very special time in their life.  During one of these searches I stumbled upon Labor of Love by Cara Muhlhahn.

For any of you who has seen the documentary The Business of Being Born you will quickly learn that Cara is the New York City midwife that is featured in the movie.  After reading the book I want to watch the movie again.

So my thoughts on the book, mixed.  My major red flags that put a sour taste in my mouth is that she considered getting an abortion and she promotes the use of contraceptives.  I am in no way making this book the end all but it kind-of deterred me from becoming a midwife.  I am realizing that I don't think I can be the midwife I would want to be and have the family life that is even more important to me.  I am currently leaning more towards crieghton practicionar/doula/lactation consultant route but time will tell.

Besides that, the book was enjoyable.  She talks about how her mindset has changed over the years, the time she spent pushing against protocol, and tells tales of pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum.

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