Sunday, June 2, 2013

"The Perfect Marriage"--Book Review NOT Editorial

I am just flying through books now that summer break is in full force and I couldn't be happier.  I am really adding titles to my 13 books in '13 list.  And I know, 13 books in year for alot of people isn't a big deal but for me it is a little bit of a stretch.

I don't normally just pick books off  the shelf at the library or bookstore but rely on recommendations. (So if you review books on your blog I would love to know.) However I was at the library and browsed a little picking up many titles and reading the backs.  When I picked up this book the summery intrigued me. 

The Perfect Marriage by Kimberla Lawson Roby is about a middle class professional couple who gets stuck in a life of addiction.  Having just finished my psych semester, addiction catches my eye.  The book did not disappoint.  I would not recommend it to teens or kids but as someone who has to know the reality of addiction the story filled my mind as the family struggled with the grips of cocaine and pain killer addition.   The book is a shorter one and I was impressed how the author was able to provide a story with such depth in so few pages.   As every other book I have reviewed on here I would recommend this book.

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  1. I love all your book reviews! This one looks great too!