Monday, July 1, 2013

Dresses for Weddings

As I have mentioned before on this here bloggity I have just a few weddings to go this summer.  I was in dire need of some new dresses to add to my wardrobe to clothe myself in for said weddings and I thought "hey that sounds like a blog posts."  If you so decide to keep scrolling down you will see presented before your two little eyes some new and not so new dresses that will be worn as I watch "I dos" and dance the night away.  Accessories and bridesmaid dress will be another post for another day.  I did an attempt at artsy pictures of just the dresses because you will just have to wait to see them on until I actually wear them.

Let me tell you I have probably tried on 50 dresses in search of a few that I could feel really confident in.  Well my mom and her friend, Mrs. M were down in Steubenville and we stopped at a Marshalls, the stars aligned and I found three dresses I really liked.

Dress #1

Apparently Moony wanted to give the dress a sniff.  This dress is a spectacular mint color with a flattering drawstring cinched waist.  I love that it has wide shoulders so a sweater at Mass isn't necessary. Oh wait, the bonus, this dress was $20.

Dress #2

You have seen this one on me when I wore it for my bro's bacelorette Mass. Cream colored lace dress.  These lace dresses are all the rage. 

Dress #3

I have deemed this my shower dress because it is a little too casual to wear to a wedding.  This dress was the most expensive, you know something like $50.  It is the most flattering dress with its wrap around waist that is a little hard to see in the pic.  The color is a bit bright for me but the flattering aspect makes it ok.  Another perk is that the straps have those little snaps to keep your bra strap in place.  Score!!

Now the following two dresses I already owned but am planning on having them in the "dresses for weddings" rotation.  

Dress #4

A simple linen dress that I got on the sales rack at Target a few summers back and it has always been in my favorite pile since then.  You can see the detail in the second picture. 

Dress #5

 I ordered this dress online and I promise you it looks way shorter in this picture than it is on me. The color of the dress is a gorgeous emerald green.

Well their you have it.  I hope to do another post as I wear the dresses to weddings and also some accessory options.  

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  1. I am envisioning you going outside with all these dresses and taking pictures of them lol.

    But these are all great! I love how the one has bra strap snaps in it. Great idea whoever made it!