Sunday, June 9, 2013

WIWS (Vol. 22)

So who else is singing in their head TayTay's "22" or is it just me?

This weekend has been full, but good full.  Friday I worked during the day and in the evening we had a grad party for a family friend.  Saturday morning I, at the last minute, had to go pick up my grandma and bring her back for my brother's Court of Honor.  That's right my brother now officially has his Eagle pin, even though he finished his project over a year ago and has been an Eagle officially since August.  I had forgotten how good the service is and almost cried when he gave my mom and dad their "Eagle Mom" and "Eagle Dad" pin to recognize that he couldn't have done it without them.  We were able to catch a Saturday evening Mass and then I had to come home to bake and get ready for a wedding shower that was today for one of my best friends whose wedding I am in.  I am just full of busy goodness.

Well now that I have told you enough about a weekend that you might not care too much about....onto the outfits.

Saturday, when I actually went to Mass.

This is me with my grandma and mom, you can't see my outfit but I had on a jean jacket, teal shirt and this awesome skirt (despite being maternity) from Target. I would have loved to get a good outfit picture because it is a courageous area (see below picture) but I thought that might be just a little more awkward than usual.  But the big question, are those earrings too big?

Yes, that is a 75 foot Our Lady of Guadalupe Statue. 

My brother receiving his Eagle pin from my mom and dad. 

So it is What I Wore Sunday, I am doing an upcoming posts on the dresses I bought for the myrid of events I have going on this summer but I will give you a little teaser.  These are all the bridesmaid's and junior bridesmaid's except for one.  I am the one in the blue polka dot dress. 

Come back this week for another post in the "Not Alone Series", a post about the dresses I have bought for wedding season and of course other link-ups. 


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    1. and I am a firm believer that earrings can never be too big. Love big earrings :)