Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Five Favorites

To put a little bit of a theme to Five Favorites this week I decided to do five of my favorites that you might not know.  Things that don't typically come up in bloggy conversation but in fact are some of my most favorite things.


Gilmore Girls. My all time favorite show.  I own all seven seasons and have watched them all many times.  I feel like the characters are my friend.  There is premarital sex and it drives me nuts because "oh my God" is said often but without trying to be relativistic it isn't bad compared to most junk on TV.  And yes I might have a Gilmore Girls t-shirt and poster and yes I find it ironic that I went to Gilmour Academy for high school so I am a "Gilmour Girl" myself.


Coffee. Ok maybe you do know about that one but I still really like the nector of gold.


My pajama pants. I am very particular about the pajamas I like. I don't like flannel or fleece but instead like fabric that can stretch.  I like it big enough that I don't feel like I have rolls over the waist band but not so huge that I am swimming.  I normally wear pants unless I am sleeping in an un-AC-ed house during the summer than shorts are my best friend.   Oh and I don't like to wear yoga pants or other pants deemed sweatpants to bed.  I like to wear sleep pants to sleep.  Ok got it.  Yeah I know, random.  And no I am not showing you a picture of my overstuffed pajama drawer.


Red Velvet Cake. Another random.  I don't know why when I think of five favorites that wouldn't typically come up I think of Red Velvet Cake.  I couldn't tell you why I Iike it so much.  Maybe it is the cream cheese frosting normally paired with it.  Either way, Red Velvet Cake is where it is at. (Should Red Velvet Cake be capitalized?  I can't figure out if it is a proper name or not.)


Sound of Music.  I find it only fitting that I end a few of my favorite things posts with the movie that started "a few of my favorite things".  This movie is by far one of my favorite movies, it is my moms favorite movie and also my grandmas.  When my Goddaughter was only a few weeks old I sat with her on the couch when it was on abc family in order to ensure that she was introduced to it from a very young age.  The story line is heartwarming, the spiritual truths and insights are profound, the history that sticks with you is irreplaceable, and the singing always brings a smile to your face.  When I lived in Austria for four months as part of a study abroad program of course I had to see some of the sights in Salzburg....twice

The Church where Caption and Maria marry in the movie. 

The gazebo.

The steps on which they hop up and down singing. 

Ahh now I am dreaming of my semester in Europe.  I look forward to reading all of your favorites!


  1. YAY FOR COFFEE--always a favorite! (And even better with Red Velvet Cake!)

  2. I love Gilmore Girls, although Rory starts making me REALLY angry near the end with all the boy drama...


  4. I have reached the daily maximum amount of coffee I am allowed to have but it is only 3 PM. This is where the mental negotiations begin.....

    1. This comment makes me laugh. Last night I saw coffee in a movie and I thought to myself "oh if I go to bed I can wake up and drink coffee" and then today I tried to talk myself out of my second cup and then was like "tomorrow I will only have one cup". I believe they call that addiction.

  5. When my little sis studied in Gaming, she got a picture of the gazebo just for me because that was my favorite movie! too fun to have seen it, I bet!

    1. Oh it was so much fun. And really cool to see how different things really are than how you imagine them to be. The house the VanTraps live in is actually two different ones, one that is filmed for the front and an entirely different one for the back. Man all this Sound of Music talk makes me want to watch it very soon.