Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Well it all comes down to today. The day that is set aside for being thankful and of course filling our belly with lots of food.

I am thankful...

+For the small joys of being home--running in to old friends and coworkers, full-size beds warmed by dogs and big 'ole sectionals to cuddle up on.

+For remembering to stare up at the stars in my own backyard. I get so caught up in dreaming and planning on gazing at stars in far away countries that I forget how bright they shine right above my head.

+For opportunities to trust the Lord and be a little pencil in His hands.

+For time to relax and not be completely consumed by schoolwork.

+For finding an awesome sweater at H&M that was promptly handed over to my mom to be put under the tree.

Live joy.

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