Tuesday, November 6, 2012

So did you vote yet?

I personally mailed in my absentee ballot yesterday. The down side to this-no "I voted" sticker.

Or maybe I even could have gotten this sticker.

Being a swing state I know my vote is important. I know that history tells us in order for a president to win the presidency he has to win Ohio. It is energizing and exciting to know that the country is looking at us.

Today on the radio I heard about a woman who was in labor with contractions 5 minutes apart and membranes ruptured yet insisted that she needed to vote before she could go to the hospital. If she can vote, I don't know who can't.

I am amazed at the intensity of prayer and fasting going on today. This is what changes the world, not another political ad on my facebook, spodify, TV, radio, newspaper, youtube (anyone else completely frustrated by the infiltration of political ads in every form of media).

And although I, like every other American, is ready to be done with all the political ads I have to admit I did enjoy this saying spreading around the internet these past few days.

If you haven't voted yet, what are you waiting for?! Get your butt out there and vote!!

Go and Rock the Vote!

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