Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Few of My Favorite Things: My "Childhood" Room

Being home for Thanksgiving Break reminds me of a few of my favorite things about being home. One of which is my room. I put childhood in quotes because although this is my room in my parent's house since I was 4 years old I redecorated it the summer after my freshman year in college. So this is the same room I had all through my childhood but it has been recently decorated, and thank goodness for that. Here are some pictures of the redecorating process...

Yeap, that bear border was what adorned the walls from the time I was 4 to about 20. Redecorating my room was such a great process. At that point my brother lived at Boy Scouts camp so I could take over sleep in his room while mine was being painted. In addition, it was a great opportunity for quality time with my parents before I jetted off to Austria for 4 months.

I did a real cheap and easy redo because I only now live in the room less than part time. Following are a few of my favorite things about the room now.

The color. The entry way is a deep purple/plum color. The main part of the room was supposed to be periwinkle but all of those were too blue (go figure) so instead it is more of a lavender.

I love, love, love my bed. The comforter was an unused one that used to be on my parent's bed. The purple pillow was leftover from a duvet for college, I made the yellow one, and the deep purple just pulls it all together so well.

I mean really, this color combo is just so lovely.

Normally, when I am not home, there is an extra comfortor on the end of bed since this is the favorite place for my dogs to hang out. If you were a dog wouldn't this view be your favorite place too?

Another favorite place is the top of my tall dresser. These old prayer books in English and Polish I inherited from my great aunt. The other knick knacks include First Communion gifts, Lourdes traveling, and a picture from my Confirmation.

And here is my mirror dresser. The perfect place for a lady to get ready for the day.

And I saved the best for last.

I know isn't it great.

Wait let me show it again from a different angle so that you can really see the greatness of it.

The frame reminds me of a window frame. It is wood with detailing on the sides and a sort of ledge along the bottom. But the image is the real gem. It is a spectacular image of Our Lady of Guadalouple embracing the head of Pope John Paul II and he in turn kissing her hand. It truly portrays the love between Our Lady and the beloved Pope John Paul II. So you want to know where I got it from right? You are never going to believe this. I found it at a parish rummage sale for something like $8. Yeah I know, you don't find a gem like this everyday.

I hope you enjoyed a look into my childhood home.

Live joy.


  1. We displayed that image of JPII and Our Lady of Guadalupe at our wedding :-) We were married on her feast day, so BOOM- she was all over. Enjoyed this!

  2. oh my gosh! that picture of JPII and Our Lady is GORGEOUS!!!