Monday, November 5, 2012

Day in the Life on Fall Break.

So this past Thursday was the first official day of fall break, or as it is officially called All Saints Break because we are a passionate Catholic University and make sure to remember that even if it is a secular holiday it probably has a Catholic origin (Valentines Day, St. Patrick's Day, Christmas, Halloween...).

The morning started with coffee, TV, and laptop time with my roommate.

She will really appreciate that I found it necessary to put this picture in the blog but then again this was the better of the two.

She still had to go to Mass but I had been to Vigil Mass the night before in one of the dorms.

At 12, I went to a late brunch in the caf with some household sisters.

How good it is to spend unhurried time with my sisters enjoying good coffee and good conversation.

Next up was some shopping at Goodwill and Gabe's.

At Goodwill I found some great Christmas glasses that will make a perfect gift for my mom for Christmas and at Gabes bought a tan sweatshirt material poncho. I could get the glasses out of my car and pull the poncho out of my closet to take a picture but that would mean this post wouldn't be published for another 4 days.

Soon after this we went to our household's advisor's house for some All Saint's Day celebrating. We played bored games, watched Oliver and Company with her family, ate pizza, and partook in some of her famous margaritas. Mmmmmm.

Being the day after All Saints Trick-or-Treating of course there was massive amounts of candy consumption.

Most of these are from telling all the Laffy Taffy jokes in the basket.

And course what would it be without some more Angel fun.

Live joy.

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