Friday, November 16, 2012

7 Quick Takes (Vol #4)

--- 1 ---

From now until Christmas break I only have two classes a week. I have no excuse not to get As on the rest of my exams. In theory, I could go home today and come back next week just for Tuesday OB exam and lecture but I know myself and know I won't get work done if I am at home.

--- 2 ---

This morning in the shower, where all the best thoughts happen, I was reflecting on how providential the timing of the Year of Faith is. We face an uncertain future in our country where it seems our religious freedom, the idea our country was founded on, is no longer a guarantee. As Catholics we must no longer be passive but cling to the Truth of our Faith with conviction. Although this year of faith is universal, as American Catholics we must in a very conscious way must increase our knowledge, deepen our devotion, and live our faith passionately in a way we never have before.

--- 3 ---

I finally entered the apple world. I picked up my iPhone 4S this week. I have to say so far I am loving it.

--- 4 ---

I will officially be back at Macy's again this holiday season. I have worked there two summers and this will be my third Christmas. I can't lie I love being part of an American icon during the holidays.

--- 5 ---

I apologize for the awkward "new Iphone during class presentations" look. One of my best friends got me this scarf last year for Christmas and don't think I could have picked a better scarf for myself even if I tried. You have heard me talk about it before here.

--- 6 ---

Tonight I am going to a thanksgiving party that requires a costume. I wish I had my derndel at school with me but I might have go as a spoon. Yeap I have you curious on how I will do that.

--- 7 ---

The rest of the weekend includes flea market plans Saturday morning and then lots and lots of studying until Tuesday. Nothing too exciting, just real life.

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