Saturday, November 3, 2012

House Tour.

So here is the long awaited house tour. I am sure you have been holding your breath in anticipation. I decided to give you an honest look, only a little tidying not a full blown cleaning spree.

So a little background on the house. We live in Assisi Heights which is a community of townhouse like houses on campus. Years ago they were project housing but the school bought them both for safety reasons and to make more student housing available. They were never built to be standing this long so they have there own slew of problems--we enjoyed when our hot water tank didn't work for nearly a month and the consistency of blowing a fuse.

Be prepared for a whole slew of pictures.

Without further ado.....

Looking up to the front door. Ahh how great is the picture MaryClaire painted for me when we graduated high school.

Walking into our kitchen.

The opposite view of the kitchen.

An honest look in our fridge.

My favorite cabinet-the tea and coffee shelf.

Our dishes, mugs, and glasses cabinet. Top left cabinet-shot and wine glasses, classic college.

The stove.

For some reason I just really think this brings a homey touch to the place. Cooking utensils in a mason jar.

Our "pantry".

Our living room. Lots of seating and trying to keep it cozy.

Our "gallery wall".

Our favorite part of the "gallery wall". Sara found this gem at a garage sale. There is some evidence that Polka Padre actually ended up getting convicted of being a pedophile so not sure how we feel about displaying it.

I just love the look of these pillows. I found the brown one in at my house and the green patterned one in the mission bin.

Going upstairs and a peak into the bathroom.

Looking down from the top of the stairs. A little bit of JP2 and pile of shoes.

Wouldn't be a ladies house without a linen closet full of beauty products and such.

The bedroom doors. The right one is my housemates and the left one is my roommate and my room.

Our door. Some angel love and pictures of me and my roommate.

My side of the room.

I love how I decided to display my pictures.

How my roommate displays here pictures.

The look out our window.

My desk which I never ever have studied at.

My side of the closet. At times it is super neat but this is more realistic. Those two bins on the shelf hold my sweaters. Shoe bin on the bottom. Drawers hold the basics like socks and tanks.

And there you go. A look into our house. Nothing glamorous just classic college living at the good ole Franciscan.

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