Saturday, April 6, 2013

Consoling the Heart of Jesus

Another book done in 2013 which brings the grand total up to 5 and it is only the beginning of April. Wait, I don't hear the angel choirs singing?

All joking aside, I love this book.   Have you noticed the trend that I don't really read books that I don't like?  I have mentioned this book before, it was my goal to read it during Holy Week as it is meant to be a retreat in a book finished either in a weekend or at your own pace.  Well, I have got to say, I plan on making reading this book during Holy Week an annual tradition.  I had seen this book floating around campus but what really got me to pick it up was when our household retreat was based on the book.

I will give you guys an idea of what the book is about but I strongly encourage you to pick it up for yourselves and allow it to enrich your spiritual life.

The premises of this book is Christ's heart which so greatly loves yet is so little loved.  Christ's heart is a sorrowful heart which thirsts for souls. We are able to consul it by being faithful, recognizing His presence in our heart but also by visiting Him in the blessed sacrament, and by uniting all of our sacrifices to His on the cross.  It presented things in such a way that I had never thought of and it reminded me how much Christ desires a relationship with us. These few sentences barely skim the surface of the depth of richness of this book so all I can do is again tell you go read it!!

The book may seem hefty when you first pick it up but in reality about a quarter of it is appendixes and another quarter notes and references making the actual book only about 200 pages.  Very doable to be read at a quick pace.

Would love to hear others experience with this book.

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