Monday, April 15, 2013

Jesus of Nazereth

I think it is about time I finished this book.  I have talked about it too many times to even link up to them.

This book was incredible.  I am confident that I will continually be referring back to enlightenment found in this book.  My favorite chapter was actually chapter one about the Baptism of Jesus however I started reading this book on the overdrive app on my phone before I realized I needed to add this book to my bookshelves.  So I don't have any quotes from that but I give you some of my favorite gems from the rest of the book...
"He must recapitulate the whole of history from its beginning from Adam on; he must go through, suffer through, the whole of it, in order to transform it" (26) 
"We who are privileged enough to receive the Eucharist as our bread must nevertheless always pray that none of us be permanently cut off and served from the body of Christ" (157 )  
Reminds me that it is a privilege not a right to receive the bread of life and it is a gift we should receive as often as possible.

The next two are perfect reminders as this season of Lent winds down.....
"Christians need the Lord to teach every generation anew that his way is not the way of earthly power and glory but the way of the Cross" (299)
"Jesus' divinity belongs with the Cross-only when we put the two together do we recognize Jesus correctly" (305) 
So there you have it.  I highly recommend this book to anyone seeking deeper insight into Christ.  As an added gem this books also opens your mind and heart to the spirituality of the now Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI.

Please I would love to hear comments from others who have read this book.

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