Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Lord always answers prayers no matter how small....

This afternoon my roommate and I were on the way to Aldi's from Goodwill and looking for a quarter to get a cart and realized neither of us had one.  Whatever, we were hoping for a cart not put back or a quarter on the ground and if not use our bags or find some boxes for shopping.  On the way over I said a quick prayer, "Lord, please let there be a cart there."  We pull in, get out of the car and a professor's wife is loading up her mini-van with groceries.  She sees us, knowing we are students (Franny is always written on all of our heads no matter how hard we try to wash it off), and asks us if we want our cart.

Yes, in fact we would like it, we say.  I tell her I prayed for a cart and here is the cart.  She walks over to us.  She says that they were just at Walmart and their youngest daughter picked up a quarter that the lady in front of her had dropped, looking at the woman, the lady winks at her and tells her to keep it.  That was the quarter they used to get the cart that they were now passing on.

Paying it forward.  The Lord always listens to our prayers, no matter how small they seem.  He desires to romance us if we only let Him.

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