Sunday, March 24, 2013

What I Wore Sunday (Vol. 16)

What I Wore Sunday linkup

Happy Palm Sunday.  This Sunday is a legitimate Sunday best outfit post and not a to and from the airport less than spectacular outfit post.  

I know everyone says this at the end of every liturgical season but I can't believe Holy Week is already upon us.   I confess my Lenten sacrificing went less than steller this year but I hope to finish off strong during this week.  

I always forget how long the Gospel is on Palm Sunday.  To all of you with small children, my heart goes out to you.  Today at Mass there was this poor woman with crutches and a leg cast wrangling a mischievous toddler.  Thankfully, her husband and an older son was taking care of the rest.  

On to the outfit.....

I was going for the chromatic look with the green sweater on green tank look and of course I had to have a little grey and brown combo in there.  The pearls added a touch of class with the added benefit of looking great against my tanned skin :)

Tank and Pearl Set: TJ Maxx/Marshalls
Cardigan: Old Navy
Maxi Skirt: Target
Shoes: my new Minnetonka moccasins found at TJ Maxx for $29.99, so excited about the purchase
Tan: Haiti Sun
Frigid Air: Thank Steubenville

The rest of the day will be spent visiting with friends and reading this book which I hope to finish during Holy Week.

Our household retreat was loosely based on this book so I am excited to really dig into it. Another bonus is diving into Ignatius spirituality at the beginning of our first Jesuit pope's pontificate. I will be sure to be posting a review of it for my "13 books in 13" update.

Also look for more posts soon about Haiti, a Marian Monday about Our Lady of the Annunciation, and my review of Jesus of Nazareth


  1. That maxi skirt is fab and you're rocking the pearls. Love it all!

  2. I guess it's not too frigid if you're willing to stand outside without a coat! Good for you :-) When do you finish nursing school?

    1. Yes, it is in double digits which is better than it was at points in January. I finish nursing school next May.

  3. I love the colour scheme of your outfit :) And the pearls just complete the look perfectly :)

  4. Pretty necklace! I love the green tones. :)

  5. I like these colors and the lacy-ness of your tank :) Also, Minnetonka moccs are the best (I think I saw those ones at TJ Maxx and I should have picked them up). Looking forward to your Haiti posts! I've spent quite a bit of time there over the last few years and hope to write about my time there eventually, it's just hard to put it into words...

    1. I already have some Haiti posts if you click on the Haiti label on the right. I actually did notice you mentioned Haiti in recent posts. I would love to hear about your experiences there!!