Friday, April 26, 2013

Five Favorites--4/26

Joining Hallie once again for Five Favorites.  Yeah!!

1.  My favorite thing is when I can go thrifting and get exactly what I want.  I have been looking for a braided belt, $2.  Check!  I was going to stop at WalMart after Goodwill to get another plastic tote for packing up the house and low and behold look at what was at Goodwill.  $4.  Check!  I have this thing for coffee mugs and always looking for any that catch my eye at thrift stores.  $1 "N" mug.  Check!

2.  I have been craving me some Dunkin' Donuts coffee so when I ran out off coffee this was a must. (And you can see my love of all things Trader Joe's in the background!)

3.  I had my last class of the semester today, woohooo!  Because it was the last one and we needed to fit in a little more lecture we began class at 7 instead of 8.  If I am going to class at 7 I am wearing slippers and not going to be ashamed.  I liked it so much that this will defiantly be a favorite thing next year.

4.  New sisters being inducted (and brothers!).  I don't think I ever love my household more than at induction time.  This is defiantly a favorite thing and even the RAs were excited about it.

5.  I started studying for finals on Wednesday.  I will just go ahead and pat myself on the pack because the final isn't until this coming Friday.  The studying isn't a favorite thing but the organizing for the studying sure is.

And what do you know coffee made it in yet again.  I am telling you I don't really plan this, the love of the liquid gold just flows over.  

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