Friday, April 19, 2013

7QT (Vol. 13)

--- 1 ---

Last week I was talking about going to the Pirates game.  It was so much fun.  It started out great, driving into the city with our baseball caps on and the sun beaming through the windows but as the sun went down and seeing as the stadium is right next to the river, it quickly became frigid.  But the Pirates won, I got to spend time with four of my sisters, and we got free pretzels at the end of the game, I call that a pretty great Friday.   

--- 2 ---

A few years ago I was looking for tank tops that would be modest and not slide down during the day and were long enough to not ride up.  In my search I stumbled upon Modbod.  They are exactly what I was looking for.  At first I ordered basic cami in white and a basic tank in white.  They can be a little pricey at full price but that first order was around Christmas and I remember getting a good deal.  They go on sale often and being on the email list I keep an eye out of for great sales.  Well there is a great 70% sale going on.  At first I ordered a  black and white kit and this awesome lace cami.  I put in another order last night, the tops are that good and the deal is that great, including more camis and lace camis in more colors and one of these to try out. I am not getting any benefit from you clicking on these links but I want to share it with you because I recommend them that much.  Let me know if you take my advice and  how you like them.

--- 3 ---

No explanation needed. 

--- 4 ---

Another book post on Jesus of Nazareth

--- 5 ---

My first attempt at brussel sprouts, the first with sausage and onion and the second with carrots and lentils.  Yummy.

--- 6 ---

How good it was to regroup with my Haiti mission team and eat an attempt at some of our favorite Haitian food--pasta and hot dogs with ketchup and unfrosted lemon cake. Another yummy.

--- 7 ---

The good weather yesterday!!  I had the tank top on and was out in the sun.  Now it is once again grey.  Soon enough the sunny days will out number the grey ones.

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  1. Shut up! That's Maggie Walsh!!! I KNOW HER!!!

  2. Yeap that is her and she would be my household sister.