Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Five Favorites: Vitamins and Such

This is something you may not know about me but I am a huge fan of  vitamins and rely on them to feel my best.   For this five favorites I am going to pretend you care about the supplements I take.


I take a multi vitamin, or as we say on med lists MVI.  Right now I take gummy ones that don't have artificial coloring but I am not attached to them.  In fact I want to research a bit and find some really good multivitamins.  Any suggestions on vitamins you love?


I am a believer in fish oil.  Unseen, this stuff is supposed to be good for my heart.  What I do know,  this stuff is great for my mind and mood.  When I stay on top of taking my fish oil, I can focus and study better.  In addition, it helps to keep my mood from having the, um roller coaster often associated with a woman's cycle.  Lastly,  this isn't as noticeable,  but I defiantly think it helps to keep my skin looking clear and bright.


I rely on my calcium tablets.  Women should stay on top of how much calcium they are getting but because  I don't eat a lot of dairy due to some lactose sensitivity and not liking the taste of milk I need to supplement with pills.  Hopefully this stuff will help me have strong bones and teeth for a very long time.


In the winter I take Vitamin C.  I don't have time to get sick with clinicals a few times a week.  I know I might just be peeing alot of it out but I would rather do that than be sick.  Why don't I just eat and drink lots of citrus?  Well I had this unfortunate event last January when I did that and ended up with really bad canker sores.


This is new to me but I already am loving it.  Recently, I started using Arbonne's probiotics.  I often have some issues with bloating and indigestion, maybe I have a little IBS but either way I had read that probiotics can really help these symptoms.  I use them a few times a week on days when I don't eat yogurt and I think they are helping.  It hasn't been long enough to really sing it's praises but so far I am pretty happy.

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