Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Five Favorites (7-23-13)

I have been doing alot of "themed" Five Favorites but this one is completely random.


I splurged last week.  I got the idea in my head that I wanted a gel manicure and being in a wedding and earning a paycheck this summer were good enough reasons for me to give it a try.  Groupon had a half off deal going on at a local nail salon making it only $20 and $27 with a tip.  I like not having to worry about it chipping and keep looking at my nails so that I can enjoy them.  Funny thing was that even though we went at different times and to different places, the bride and I choose the exact same color. 


When I first started nannying Gino at the beginning of the summer he was anything but a happy baby rarely being content when not being held.  For a variety of reasons he has completely turned the corner and it is so great to be with a happy baby.  Defiantly a favorite for me these days.  I am going to miss hum at the end of the summer.


I have been really enjoying this respite in the weather.  Last week was HOT, like 90s and high humidity at 9.a.m. here in Ohio.  I am defiantly enjoying being able to go for a run in the afternoon and not sweating walking from the front door to the car (yeah I realize I probably won't be moving to Texas anytime soon.)


The wedding I was in this past weekend was one of my best friend's from high school's wedding.  I have always, but especially this summer, enjoyed hanging out with her family just chilling in the kitchen.  She is one of 8 children so people are always coming and going including her stay at home mom and work at home dad.  I always joke that I was going to move in once she got married and moved out.  It is so heartwarming to be welcomed by the family in this way and to have a relationship with each and everyone one of them and not just my friend.  The picture of the nails was actually taken while riding over to the wedding rehearsal with them.  I am just so blessed!


I just registered for the color me rad run in Pittsburgh with some of my friends from school and I am so pumped.  I am thinking it is going to be a great time.  Wait I have talked about running in two of my five favorites.  Hold the phone, Natalie has been running?  You will just have to come back to learn more about this life shattering new hobby of mine.  

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