Sunday, July 21, 2013

WIWS (Vol. 26)

Yesterday was the big day-one of my best friends got married.  The wedding was incredible-weaved with faith and shining in beauty.  A full post, hopefully including pictures will come soon but first I wanted to show you the day after.

I call this the "I was all dolled up and smiled a lot yesterday look"

The details:
Cardigan:  Target
Shoes:  Trusty Rainbows
Unseen Hair:  Leftover from yesterday but due to the hair spray and bobby pins doesn't look too shabby
Expression:  I really am happy but wanted to change up the expression and the dead pan is always a good go to.

Now I won't really just bore you with this unimpressive outfit.  I gift to you a picture of a grammed picture of the bride and I.

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