Thursday, January 31, 2013

Marian Monday---Immaculate Heart of Mary Gift

Marian Monday, well posted Thursday due to the hectic past few days I have been having.

I don't have any profound quotes or attempt at coherent thoughts myself just a simple picture of Our Lady and her Immaculate Heart.

This was a gift to my Goddaughter for her baptism. I wanted something that would grow with her and inspire her and this fit the bill. I am super picky about my Mary statues and pictures, the expression has to be just right. I liked this one because of her youth, the expression of her eyes, the simplicity and the over all beauty of the piece.

I ordered it off etsy and the woman sold it has prints of other images of Mary and saints and her shop.

And there is your Marian Monday.  Nothing too profound just something for you to see and maybe check out and get one for your self.

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