Tuesday, January 8, 2013

5 Things I Am Loving Right Now

I have been wanting to do a "favorites" post for a while so once I saw Julie hosting a link up for favorite things my little link up loving heart couldn't pass it up.

These are in no particular order....

1. Instagram

I am obsessed, I find myself many times throughout the day looking at-the people I follow and searching random hashtags. (Click on the instagram link to the right to follow me)

2. Snow

There is something so magically about freshly fallen snow. I love when it is snowing but not enough to really mess with the roads. Beautiful.

3. Sewing

I always claimed I wasn't a sewer but over winter break I have tried my hand at it a few times and I love it.

4. My New Boots

Not only were these boots hugely discounted but they are leather and cowboy inspired. I think I am going to be wearing them an awful lot for these next few wintry months. Maybe they will even make an appearance with some shorts over the summer. Maybe.

5. My mom's sock drawer

When I come home I don't bring home socks and just steal borrow them from my mom's drawers (Yeap she has TWO drawers of socks, obviously she doesn't miss them) and she has a lot of thick cozy socks that might just have to be borrowed all the way back to Steubenville.

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