Wednesday, January 30, 2013

First Med/Surg Clinical--Check

I had my first med/surg clinical yesterday.  After a summer, semester of OB and PEDS, and a winter break this clinical was very much like riding a bike when you haven't ridden one for a while.

Part of the day was like old habits--turn a patient, take vitals, change linens, make sure call button is within in reach.  However part of the day was that "tipping falling of the bike, do I really remember what I am doing"  feeling.   I had forgotten how hard it can be to hear lung sounds and feel pulses on elderly sick patients. I had purposely blocked out of my memory how heart breaking it is to hear a vent patient cough.  I forgot how heavy overweight low weight barring patients can be.

The biggest impression made on me yesterday however was how blessed I am to be young and healthy.  It is really hard to watch a patients O2 saturation go down simple because you turned them or took their vitals.  Seeing that makes me thankful for the health I have and causes me to want to do what I can to keep that health for as long as possible.

Hopefully, I will have many more clinical stories to tell throughout this semester.

Live joy. 

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