Tuesday, January 22, 2013

What a Day

It is freezing her in Steubenville.  This temperature was captured part way through the day.

When I woke up this morning my main objective was to dress in the warmest possible clothes.  I think I achieved it. Tank top, topped with flannel finished off with a thick detailed cardigan. 

It takes about 3 minutes just to dress and undress when going in and out of buildings-hat, gloves, scarf, boots.

So cold that all the water bottles stowed or left in my car had frozen.

Even though it is ridiculously cold, on this somber day you have to be thankful that you were one of the lucky ones to survive.

So many others are never even granted the right to be born but instead are killed by their mothers in the womb---the place that is supposed to be safe.

Today, we remember 40 years of killing that have been allowed in our country.  We mourn over the millions of lives lost.  As a young person, it can bring me nearly to tears to think about all the classmates and friends that I have never even had the chance to know.

Let's prayer that their isn't another 40 years, not even another year.  We can't stop fighting.  Although the battle may be tiring and seem unending, we can never stop.  Souls depend on it.  

I pray today for an end to abortion and that life may be respected from the moment of conception to the time of natural death. 

Pray with me, fight the good fight with me.

Live joy.

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