Sunday, January 27, 2013

What I Wore Sunday (Vol.10)

Haven't done this for a while.  Between being home, being sick, and crazy first week back at school taking a picture of what I wore to Mass wasn't on the top of my priority list.  And I hate to disappoint but this week isn't that much better.  I was a Godmother today to a sweet baby girl and of course she took the show in her adorableness and wiped clean of orginal sin state.

I wore a tan button down dress, brown sweater and tights, and red heels-nothing too exciting.  I do have to say dressing to be a Godmother (or mother I imagine) isn't for the weak fashioned.  It is not about you so you don't want to be flassy but at the same time you will be in pictures so you want to look good, walkable heels, and no scarves or jewelry that get tangled up in cuddling the baby.  In the end my roommate helped me find a workable outfit.

I joyfully celebrate this new little soul claimed forever as His and pray for her to always walk in the Truth of the Church.

Live joy.  


  1. What a sweet baby. It is tough to dress as the Godmother at a baptism. I chose to wear a scarf last time, since it was soft for the baby and still added color. Dressing as the mother at the baptism is even more difficult, though, because you're working with a body that doesn't want to fit in your nice clothes.

    That's a really lovely picture of the two of you. She has such a shock of hair!

  2. What a beautiful little soul. Congratulations on being a Godmother!

  3. She looks so sweet! And your hair looks lovely and mighty shiny, btw!