Monday, August 11, 2014

Let's Talk Oils III

I seriously cannot keep up with the questions you guys ask on these oils posts and that is awesome.  I am so excited that so many people are interested in essential oils.

You can check out my previous essential oils posts---the first one here and the second one here.

So here are some questions from Laura at A Drop in the Ocean....

Does the brand really matter?  Ahh this is the question that I asked from the very beginning and still ask myself now.  If you do some research, minus the companies themselves, there is little conclusive evidence.  I would recommend doing some of your own research and see what you think.  And I would love to know what you find and your own opinion. For me the verdict is still out.  On one side it is really hard for me to pay alot more knowing part of the money goes to a triangle company (consultant type company......economist I am not) but are the oils better, more effective, and safer than a company that is a fraction of the cost.  I just am not sure yet.   

 Is there a go-to place to learn what the heck to use specific ones for before purchasing them? Do your research---search pinterest and google.  For me it has been a learn as you go and all started when I was getting sick too much for my liking.  If you a specific concern like acne, cramps, or allergies search "essential oils and _____".  Start with a few oils and give them a try.  You will probably love them and want to find more and more ways they can be incorporated into your life.   I will recommend a few sources that I really enjoy.  The first is CandidMommy on youtube.  In addition two blogs (each with one of the "big name" companies), Nesting Gypsy and The Anderson Crew.

Which would you suggest as starters? I think one of the most versatile oils is Lavender.  Doterra sells their starter kits with Lavender, Peppermint, and Lemon and I would have to agree that those are three great starter oils.  Also, I hate to say it, but those colder months aren't too far away so some version of Thieves Oil would be another good one.  

Do you know the science behind them? I can't lie.  I don't know a ton about the science behind essential oils except I do know that when you use essential oils they enter every cell of your body which is why they are so powerful.  Here is a really good article about more of the science behind it.  

I'm also really interested in facial care you talked about: how much did it help with pores and how much/often did you apply? How much did it help with pores is a really hard question.  I naturally have really large pores, especially on my check bones right below my eyes, next to my nose.  You know, one of those things that probably no one else notices but you do.  My pores are still larger but it did help shrink them.  Vague but there really isn't a good gauge.  To lead into your other questions the oils do work better the more I apply them.  I apply them as often as I think of it.  Naturally, when my skin is flaring up, thank you hormones, I use it more often (like 3-6 times a day) but when it is glowing, thank you hormones, I will often forget to use any for a few days.  I will be honest.  I don't wear makeup over the summer except for some occasional mascara and lipstick so it is a little easier to put it on it without makeup interfering.  I don't yet know how essential oils would work with foundation. if I could use it throughout the day or would be limited to morning and evening.

Now onto some questions from Bek at The Contemplation of a Daughter.....

Do you find that applying oils is messy or easy or slimey or whatever? I usually apply lotion after I shower {at night} because I don't mind the lotion getting onto my pjs, but I am curious about applying oil to my skin for the daytime.  Nope not at all. Because essential oils don't have mineral oil (stick a cracker in mineral oil and you will also be checking ingredient lists before you buy a lotion) they are absorbed right into the skin.  You only need a drop or two of oil to spread across most of your face.  Now like I said I do put essential oil mixed with Vitamin E oil on my legs sometimes and when I do that I don't go under the covers for 15 minutes-ish so that the oils can absorb.  

Also, do you consume/ingest any oils regularly? Have you cooked with them?  A little disclaimer, technically you should not ingest oils that are not food grade.  Food grade oils are unfortunately the more expensive ones.  I try to put lemon or grapefruit oil in my water regularly (1-2 drops), not every glass but once a day at least.  If you are doing this, it is preferable to use a glass water bottle or glass because citrus essential oils can cause a breakdown of the plastic.  I currently do not cook with oils but it is something I want to get into.  

I am so excited that so many people are interested in essential oils that I plan to do a essential oils giveaway in the next week or two!!!  Stay tune for that.  And please keep the questions coming,  I am only a beginner novice when it comes to essential oils but I enjoy answering your questions.  

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  1. Thanks for answering my questions! :) This is so, so helpful! Thank you for your honest answers - I will let you know how my next oil adventure goes :)