Thursday, July 10, 2014

Let's Talk Oils II

My original essential oil post got a good number of reads and comments. Alot of you are interested about what all the essential oil fuss is about and I continue to enjoy old and new oils in new ways so why not keep a good thing going.  Thus I bring you "Let's Talk Oils" part two.

 Let's start with a few questions Bek had.

What led you to start using oils? I mentioned this in my first oils post but basically I was getting sick too much for my liking and it was time to try something new because nothing I normally do was helping enough and there was talk about essential oils on blogs, vlogs and the gram.  You can read more about it at the first post.

What is your favorite oil to use? Oh this is hard.  My favorite smelling is my new Frankincense oil but the oil that I use the most currently and I get the best results from has to be Lavender.  Ask me again in a few months and it might have changed.  First off with Lavender, I recently got a diffuser to help with some mild allergies I was dealing with. (Essential oil diffusers are unique in that they use ultrasonic something (technical term and double parenthesis) because heating oils causes them to lose their healing properties.) I mix some water and Lavender oil in the diffuser at night for 60 minutes and badaboom not only does Lavender lull me to sleep but no pesky allergy symptoms.  

A peak at the top of my nightstand.
Secondly, my legs.  During the summer I always gets this pesky rashy irritation on my legs.  Because it happens during the summer I can only assume it is a result of the increased shaving that occurs over the summer (because lets be honest who shaves more than once a week a during the winter) and just in general being more exposed in shorts and skirts.  I have to be very vigilant with it exfoliating, applying Vitamin E oil and now Lavender to help with the irritation.  Bet you didn't know that the same oil that helps you sleep and with allergies also helps with miner skin irritations.  That is the great thing about oils, they are not one oil, one problem.  The Lavender doesn't solve the problem but it does help considerably. Thirdly, Lavender helps with acne.  Because I have recently stopped taking the medication that helped with my acne I was having some flare up that I was not ok with.  Rub some Lavender on the problem areas throughout the day and my skin is as clear if not clearer than it was on the medication.  I also put Lemon oil on my face that helps with pores and brightening.      

Did you encounter any oils in your nursing studies? No, I wish!

Do people think you're a total and complete hippy because of oils?  Haha this is a funny one.  When I was still at school I had a friend who if I used oils and walked into her room or she walked onto the hall she would tell me I smell like a hippy.  You tell me, does oils=hippy?

Now lets talk oil fail.  Or for now, oil not so much like.  I mentioned above that I love the smell of Frankincense.  In addition,  I mixed it with some Vitamin E oil and my mom has been putting it on her scar from her recent knee replacement.  So that is not the "not so much like".  It is the other one in this picture. 

I purchased Cedarwood off of Ebay because it is another oil that is supposed to help with allergies and I thought I would use it during the day if I needed some additional allergy help.  I used it once on the way out the door and I felt like my car smelled like a cedar chest for a week.  I am sure it has a lot of potential but for right now we are just going to keep it closed-thank-you-very-much.  

Please hit me with more questions because if part two is good, a part three would of course be better.  And don't forget, does oils=hippy?

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  1. OoOOoo I love this! I've never used oils (very interested in starting when finances allow!), but they do seems kind of hippy-ish to me. I'm okay with that, though :-) Here are a few questions: Does the brand really matter? Is there a go-to place to learn what the heck to use specific ones for before purchasing them? Which would you suggest as starters? Do you know the science behind them? I'm also really interested in facial care you talked about: how much did it help with pores and how much/often did you apply? Sorry to bombard you with questions....thanks for posting on this again!

  2. Yay! An oils post! :D
    Do you find that applying oils is messy or easy or slimey or whatever? I usually apply lotion after I shower {at night} because I don't mind the lotion getting onto my pjs, but I am curious about applying oil to my skin for the daytime.
    Also, do you consume/ingest any oils regularly? Have you cooked with them?

  3. I've definitely been called "hippy" and "woo" since using my oils. ;) Have you tried combining the lavender with cedarwood in the diffuser? I usually do that at night (along with Peace and Calming) and it helps me SO much.