Tuesday, August 12, 2014

NAS: Freebie

Apparently on this here bloggy, when it rains it pours, five posts in six days.

Today on the NAS is a freebie post about whatever.  The last post until the normal regularly scheduled NAS in September.  

 Before I do anything else let's gush a bit about Morgan and Jen's upcoming TV  appearance.  I think that is incredible that when we do the Lord's will in what seems like seemingly unimportant small ways he takes it and multiples it.  I see how much this community already supports ladies and Lord willing the women it supports will continue to increase.  I am excited to watch the show in September. 

So ever wonder what people whose blog you read actually look like?  Well it is your lucky day.  If you want to know what I look like chewing, watch this video.

I know I have talked about Imagine Sisters before but I will tell you again what a great organization they are.  I personally know the lady running the show currently and she has a beautiful heart that just wants to serve the Lord.  Although I am personally not discerning religious life at this moment it is really important for me to support Imagine Sisters because I know our Church and our world needs religious vocations.  In addition, I know as I serve the Church over my life time in the ways the Lord is asking me to, consecrated women have my back praying and interceding for me.  

The official description of Imagine Sisters,
Imagine Sisters is a web movement that aims to inspire the imaginations of young women to consider the beautiful call to consecrated life as a sister. With the guiding truth that one sister can change the world, Imagine Sisters strives to connect the world with sisters passionately embracing their call to serve the Lord. 
Currently Imagine Sisters is doing a fundraising campaign to get ready for the Year of Consecrated Life and they need your prayer and financial support.  They have big plans to reach out to even more young ladies striving to serve the Lord. Check out their website and indiegogo page. Personally I have my eye on the coffee cup.

That nun on the right, I can tell you she is great!!
So since this is a freebie and I have to take full advantage of it, I am going to point you back to some recent posts in case you haven't seen them yet.

Last week I gave you some stream of consciousness with a little bit of this and that.  Read that if you want a little look into the thoughts jumping around in my noggin'.  

This past Saturday I began my 24th year of life (or is it I am 24 but it is my 25th year) and began I little project I am calling #livingmyfiat.  More details here and follow me on my 'gram.  

On Monday, I wrote another post for my unintentional essential oil series "Let's Talk Oils".  I answered some more questions and announced that I will be doing a giveaway very soon.  

I am excited to read what you guys are writing about today.  Sorry for those who always read my blog that I haven't given you much new material but I think one stream of consciousness is enough for a week.  I promise you I do have some deep thoughts in my head but for right now, and maybe forever, they are just between me and my God. I look forward to starting the series back up in September and seeing the series on TV. 


  1. One of my friends recently told me about her essential oils and it's really making me want to try them. How long have you been using essential oils?

  2. Oh my gosh, you chew beautifully! What a well made video! I am so impressed with what Imagine Sisters has done, and how accessible they are to modern people who think nuns are weird :-) Thanks for sharing!

  3. Happy belated birthday! Thanks for sharing for the info on the Imagine Sisters, what a great ministry! :)

  4. I saw your beautiful, chewing face... and I loved it! :)