Wednesday, August 27, 2014

I have Dave Ramsey on the Brain and a Giveaway

So who has read Total Money Makeover or attended Financial Peace Univeristy?  These, debt free, budget and cash systems are common words floating around Franciscan's campus if you are listening but what exactly is it all about? I knew about the debt snowball and six baby steps but I was ready to find out more.

In a very small nut shell Dave Ramsey proposes to follow these seven baby steps, live like no one else so that you can live and give like no one else , debt is dumb and cash is king, and that paid off home mortgage is the status symbol of America.  Reading his book I was invigorated and a friend suggested I also listen to his podcasts.  I had Dave Ramsey on the brain.  I would drive down the street and wonder how many of these cars caused their owner to be enslaved by car payments.  

I have a lot of student loans so I tend to feel bogged down when I think Dave Ramsey but I stop and think about how good I am doing.  I already have $1000 for an emergency fund, I don't have any credit card debt or a mortgage and I am reading this book and getting with the program before I have even started getting a big kid paycheck.  Praise the Lord that I started on Dave's plan before I dug myself into a bigger hole but I am still aware that I have a lot of work to do.  

Now onto the giveaway.  I want you to stop being a slave to debt too.  It may be the American norm but it doesn't have to be your norm.  So I want to giveaway a Total Money Makeover book.  That saves you money but I also need to save my money (did you hear I have student loans) so the giveaway is located at your local brick and mortar or online library.  Log on or step inside and read the book today.  It is a surprisingly quick and easy read.  The podcasts are free and easy to download or watch. Hopefully one day we can both call into Dave Ramsey's show and have our debt free scream.  And if life has already provided you with no debt than you can build wealth the smart way.  So please let me know in the comments who wants in on the giveaway.  I am excited to share this journey with you.


  1. I went through FPU a few years ago when I was a freshman. It was really great to hear the plans, although not all of it applied to me {living at home driving the family car while my parents helped with school}. Now that I'm out of school and am living in the home I purchased last year, I'm really grateful for the foundation with Mr. Ramsey.
    Love the library = giveaway! :D

  2. I've heard his name tossed around quite a bit, but never read anything about his program. This sounds really interesting, so I'll have to read it before graduating :-) Thanks for sharing!

  3. I've heard about Dave Ramsey never listened to his podcasts though. I work in accounting and my grandmother though us from young about the dangers about debt so I have always lived debt free. I struggle with it because there are times I want something that I have to say no to because it's not worth going into to debt to have it.

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  5. We are hosting the class at our parish this Fall, but really I just want to read the book. I'm pretty good with my money, have a budget and not a ton of debt, just student loans and a new mortgage ... but I would love to read about some strategies about how to pay off loans faster.