Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A little bit of this and a little bit of that.

Well hello.  I know, I know all of you have been anxiously awaiting an update on my life and I aim to please.
First off, the job searing continues.  Everyday I look for and apply to as many jobs as possible.  Thankfully when looking for nursing jobs, most hospitals have all your info saved and you just have to click a few buttons and remind them of  your gender and ethnicity and bada bing.  Praise the Lord I am getting somewhere, talking to people and filling out questioners.  Nothing concrete yet but at least the job train is moving and I am not just sending applications out to the clouds.  And that darn questioner put my panties in a bunch because one time I failed one.  Have no fear, I didn't this time.  During the time of "preemployment" I have gotten a new perspective on the unemployed. As I sit in my parents house with no necessary expenses currently I have some stress about finding a job.  I cannot even imagine the stress for an unemployed bread winner of a family.  My heart goes out to anyone in that situation and I am praying for you.  

Insert awkward transition to lighter topics. 

For the past few weeks I have been nannying the family I watched last summer.  The timing was actually divine, she called me the week before I took my test to see if I could come work and I told her not that week because I had to hard core study and take the test but after that week we could talk.  Well since then I have been working 2-3 days a week which is awesome because I have been putting all that money directly to student loans (a full post coming soon with a whole bunch of Dave Ramsey).

So another thought floating around in my noggin' is how excited I am for the NAS series to start back up.   Even though our community has been great on the FB page I miss having a topic to write about each week. Sorry Morgan and Jen that at the moment I am fresh out of topic ideas but I will let you know if I think of one.  

I have also noticed lately that I am not good with keeping up my MyFertilityMD app.  Thankfully I am in a season of life that it really doesn't matter but I want to stay diligent.  However anyone who has diligently charted for at least a few months I think can agree that it becomes second nature to notice your signs of fertility without much thought.  

Well that is all I have today happening and what better way to end than on fertility and such.  


  1. haha.. I am looking forward to NAS resuming, too! :)

  2. haha.. I am looking forward to NAS resuming, too! :)

  3. Bwahaha, I love your awkward transition and stellar closing :-) I'm looking forward to the series continuing too, and will continue to keep your job search in my prayers!

  4. This post is awesome. Please do a Dave Ramsey post and fertility post!! And yes and amen to NAS again! :)