Friday, August 22, 2014

A Blog Hop About Writing

Nikki, who blogs at A Catholic Heart for Home, choose to tag me for this Blog Hop About Writing. It was a little weird when I saw the picture of me you see to your left pop up in my bloglovin' feed.  I am used to seeing other people, not me!  Before I begin, I will warn you this tag involves no ice ;).  

On with the show....or questions in this case.

18th Century Blogger.
1 – What am I writing or working on? Well currently I am working on this post but I don't think you want the smart answer.  For my blog I am currently working on finalizing a post about Dave Ramsey and his Total Money Makeover and another about my essential oils giveaway so look for both of those coming to a screen near you real soon.

2 – How does my work differ from others of its genre?  If my genre is "single, joyful, passionately Catholic lady", which I do believe it is molding into, I don't think it differs too much.  I think I would like to say it has more variety but I haven't been posting many recipes or crafts just alot about what I am thinking, seeing, and experiencing.  I am going to ask you, what makes my blog different?  Why do you have it in your feed?  What do you want to see or see more of on my blog?  

3 – Why do I write what I write? I write what I write because I want to write what I want to read.  I like hearing about people's daily normal life.  I really want to do a day in the life post soon but I think my life is in such a transition I have no idea what day is a "normal" day.  I also like to write things that will hopefully inspire people on their path to sainthood or encourage them in trials. Any time I have considered turning off the lights on the blog I get a comment or an email from someone telling me how much something I wrote has impacted them.  That keeps me going because I know that writing on this blog is what I am supposed to be doing.

From here on out I declare all writing shall include wine on this here blog.
4 – How does my writing process work?  I don't think I would ever call it a writing process but that I guess is probably what it is.  Some days I sit down on my phone or laptop and punch out three or four post boom boom boom just like that.  Other days I sit down so that I can write or finish up one simple thing and spend two hours distracted by the world wide web.  If a blog post isn't related to a link up or something like this it is normally something I have been thinking about, experiencing, read about or watched a video on.  I just go where the Spirit leads me (both to use the expression and the literal Holy Spirit) and write about this and that.

Now I am going to be the lame party pooper.  Everyone I would typically tag has either already done it or isn't interested.  Hopefully Bobbi tags someone so Nikki's blog hop line doesn't die.  And please answer from number two. I dare you.  Triple dog dare you.
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  1. I like the "normal life" posts! :) I'm a big fan of your oils posts, too :) And your NAS posts always make me think about the prompt in a new light!