Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A Whole Stack of Reads

I had to give you guys a break after that onslaught of posts but here I am back today.

Random picture from my NYC trip that I never blogged about. 
I am going to catch up my blog on what I have been reading lately.  I do this as much so that I have a record of what I have read in the past as you guys might be interested in the reviews.  I will be doing a seperate post on Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover* because that book is a bit of a life changer and deserves its own post. 

Let's begin back in July with Someday, Someday, Maybe* by Lauren Graham.  To anyone out there who doesn't love Gilmore Girls like I do I will let you know that Lauren Graham plays Loreli in Gilmore Girls.  That pretty much made this book a must read for me.  I finished this book right before my trip to New York City and it got me super excited for my trip because the story is about a young actress in NYC trying to get a big break.  This book is a fantastic light beach read.  I would highly recommend it if you are looking for a book to enjoy while the days are still warm and long.  
Moving on to Something Other Than God*.  Wow.  This was the book we read for the NAS Bookclub and what a great book it was.  Jennifer was so authentic in her writing.  As the book begins Jennifer is an atheist.  And she didn't just fall into atheism she thought herself into atheism.  Slowly she begins to notice God in her life (I say notice because He was there all along I am sure).  Spoiler alert.  When she first starts to think that the Catholic Chuch might have the fullness of the Truth I am on the edge of my seat.  Read this book and walk with Jen as she marries, welcomes life, struggles through faith and God and faces illness.  I really cannot emphasize enough how much I like this book.  Go read this book now, do not pass go.  

Next up was a reread.  I read Redeeming Love* many years ago and I was ready to dive back into the story and experience it all over again.  Francine Rivers takes the book of Hosea as inspiration and weaves a story of despair, unconditional love, faithfulness, God and miracles.  It makes me want a man like Michael as my own beloved.  I don't regret reading this book again and am planning on reading other titles by this author soon.

Last but not least I recently finished Growing Up Duggar*.  I have talked about the Duggars before here and seeing how much I enjoyed their previous two books I was of course going to read this
one too.  Once I began reading this book I realized it wasn't really geared towards my age group or where I was in my faith walk.  The four eldest Duggar girls seem to be writing towards an audience of younger girls and/or ladies who haven't yet accepted things like modesty and purity.  But reading this book was not in vain.  There were so many spiritual truths that really hit where they were needed in my life in addition I already tucked away so many ideas for how I want my children to grow up.  I love the Duggars despite the "youngness" of this book would still recommend it.

Well that's all folks....for now.  I am nearing the end of some other books so more book reviews will be coming your way before long.

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  1. Redeeming Love is one of my favorite books!!! I'm due for another re-read, I think :)