Tuesday, September 2, 2014

NAS: We're Back!!

We are back! As we get into the swing of things with NAS, what other ways can we be more involved at church or in our communities? Is there a parish ministry you have been wanting to help with or start up? What about that after school program for homeless kids? Has something been preventing you from getting involved? How do you think this will help you personally, spiritually, and emotionally?

I am so excited the NAS weekly link-up has begun again.  So excited in fact that I am going to link-up even though my answer to the topic is a little unconventional. Let me explain. 

As almost everyone reading knows, I am currently in a transition phase of my life.  I am job searching and hoping to be moving to another city but am at the moment living at my parents house.  Because of this, I am not involved in really anything besides some lingering involvement from the things I participated in during high school.  

However, once I move I do want to get involved I am just not sure yet what that will look like.  Being a nurse I know my schedule is likely to not be regular which puts a wrench in it.  I am hopeful that I will be able to find opportunities to be involved and serve in a parish.  Being passionately Catholic, I desire a community around me that shares the same convictions and passion.  I am also an extreme extrovert so being involved is very much needed in my life.  Some things I will probably check into once I am a little settled is youth group programs, Eucharistic ministry, and any young adult programs.  But who knows where I will actually land! 

I am excited to wait and see the places The Lord will take me in the very near future! I can't wait to read what everyone else has to say about this topic.  
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  1. Transition times can be difficult - waiting to start something until you're settled, but SO many things have to happen before you're settled...gah! I'm glad you have places to be involved with in the meantime :)