Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Home Again

I am on the other side of my New York-Steubenville trip and why not throw up a hodge smodge post for you all. My spirit is currently somewhere between my last two posts. The Lord is good, never outdone in generosity, and His word speaks truth.

The trip wore me out.  By the time I finally pulled into my driveway I was exhausted.  I just hid for the rest of that day and woke up the next morning with really good news, I got my ATT (Approval to Test) and have scheduled my NCLEX for July 16!  Celebrate with a cup of delicious coffee.

Studying just got real but just a little bit more break before I get hard core. As if I hadn't seen enough people during my week long New York Ville trip, my roommate from two years ago was visiting another friend in Cleveland so of course I had to make a lovely trip to go seem them.  And what a delight it was!

We had so much fun being roommates-bad movies, Sunday brunch, photo shoots, on and on. 

California Pizza Kitchen, free dessert, Starbucks and catching up.  

I will be posting pictures soon from my two trips now that I have a new computer (!!!) and can upload pictures.  Until then, back to the studying and deep in the Lord's word.

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  1. Ohhhh, I will be praying for you on July 16, my dear!

    And glad you had such good travels! :) :)