Friday, July 11, 2014

7QT (Vol.25)

Can you believe I have not posted a 7QT since February!

So why has this blog been a bit on the quiet side?  Blame the NCLEX. Yes ladies and gentlemen I am taking the NCLEX on July 16th so have been feriously studying.  Any and all prayers are greatly appreciated because I really really want to pass it on the first time and as a bonus answer 100 questions or less (you can have to answer anywhere from 75 to over 200 questions).

I did yesterday finally take the time to write a second essential oils post and already got some questions for a third post so go check the Let's Talk Oils II post out.

Since this is Jen's 7QT I would be completely remiss if I didn't mention the little book club the Not Alone Series ladies have been doing.  The book voted on was Jen's Something Other Than God*.  I think everyone in the Catholic blogging world has pretty much already read it but seriously if you haven't yet, go read it.  The way the Lord has worked in her life is incredible. In addition, Jen seamlessly tones the book from monochromatic to joyful hope as she finds Truth.  I just finished it yesterday and I think her last paragraph, though really the whole book, causes you to want to shout with thankfulness for Christ's sacrifice, His Love, His Church, and the Sacraments.
"The moment the priest baptized me, I was sealed with the sign of belonging to Christ, an indelible mark on my soul that not even a life as an avowed atheist and unrepentant sinner could wipe away.  God and his Church were set as my home base, and something deep within me would never truly be at peace until I returned to it, even as I traveled the whole world trying to find an alternate destination.  My entire conversion was less of a journey to a foreign place, and more of a discovery of my long-lost home."

I have to fit in a picture at least somewhere in this quick takes.  On Wednesday I babysat the three little kiddos that are more like my niece and nephews than just friends.  We decided to go for a walk brought the jogging stroller and the oldest rode his bike. He kindof knows how to ride the bike, aka he is fine on flat even surfaces only but needs some help on any incline or uneven surface.  His little brother without being asked was constantly pushing him and running behind him offering encouragement like "dude your doing awesome."  It was precious.

Everything was great until it wasn't.  We were going and stopping pretty much wherever they wanted and everyone was having a great time.  I should have known.  When we were pretty much as far away from their house as we could be they were suddenly tired and starving.  We could have walked back in probably 10 minutes but of course trying to get three tired kids, a stroller and a bike back is like a chihauhau herding cattle, laughable. You just can't rationalize with a 5 and 3 year old that we have to keep moving no matter how hungry we are in order to get back and eat lunch.  I had to beg them to just keep moving and that someone had to either walk or ride the bike back.  Meanwhile the 1 year old has her feet up in the stroller, we don't call her princess for no reason.  When we were crossing the street and almost back I had the three year old on my back, the stroller, and the five year old was walking the bike at near snail pace. If someone would have been watching us they might have lost some bladder control.  Like I said, it really was a great time until it was comical.

Have you seen this list of Dirty 100: Meet the Companies and Institutions You Should Avoid after Hobby Lobby?  As an alumni I don't think I have ever been more proud of having Franciscan University of Steubenville on a Top List.  Keep fighting the good fight of faith!

So this is random but I have a numb thumb (say that 5 times fast) and have actually had it since Wednesday. Apparently it isn't a big deal unless you are having other stroke symptoms (of which I am not) and it probably a pinched nerve in my carpel tunnel.  Either way, still super weird feeling.

The other book end to studying is job searching.  Very frustrating.  I feel like I am getting no where with a nurse manager and a nurse recruiter not returning my call and no interest in my online applications.  I will keep pressing on and trusting in His providence but man this job searching is tough.

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  1. Praying for your test and a job! :)

  2. July 16th is Our Lady of Mt Carmel, great day for taking an exam. Good luck. Will keep you in prayer.