Wednesday, January 29, 2014

NAS: "Guess who's engaged" --Part 2

I had no intention of having a part two to this weeks NAS topic but sometimes inspiration strikes twice.  I have read about half of the NAS posts (Ladies, I really do try my best to read every one every week) and I noticed a common word mentioned among the posts--Facebook.  Ahh the joys and the sorrows involved with the blue f.  Nearly everyone talked about getting depressed/sad/angry about engagements they saw on Facebook.  Now before you get your panties in a bunch, I am not going to suggest you delete your Facebook I just want to add a little perspective to this situation.

Pre social media era (collective gasp) you pretty much only heard about the engagements and ogled over the ring of your close friends' engagements.  You were happy because you knew them, you knew their story, you knew who they were and you were delighted for them.  Now, thanks to social media like Facebook you know about the engagement of the girl who sat behind you in Geometry class freshman year of high school.  Now that we are connected to nearly anyone we have ever known we have all their "good stuff" shoved in our faces but lets be honest you never heard about that girl's break up junior year of college, her failing economics, or her struggles with her roommate post college graduation.  Before we get too down on ourselves because eeevvvveeeerrrryyyoooonnnneeee is engaged, lets but it all in perspective and try to focus on and rejoice with our best friend who is newly married to a great guy and pray and pray and pray for our own future husband.  
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  1. I like this! Facebook really has put everyone's momentous occasions front and center. One evening before Christmas, my flatmate and I counted up 5 couples who had gotten engaged over the weekend...and only one of them I would consider closer than an acquaintance.
    Your points are very good-thanks for sharing! :)